Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters – Mythos, Confession, Tragedy & Love

With a soaring reputation through their electric live shows and two ear grabbing albums to date, Welsh rockers BETH BLADE & THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS look to take their adventure to new heights with the release of their new album, Mythos, Confession, Tragedy & Love. It is a proposition offering up thirteen slices of the band’s hard rock bred sound; vehicles of emotion, craft and contagion within which soon proved a capture of the imagination.

Described by Beth Blade as “…a confessional, a journey of survival, of tragedy”, Mythos, Confession, Tragedies, And Love sees the songwriter “…sharing my soul with you through these songs, each one a small piece of me, a piece of us, of our story. Confiding in you is our redemption.” It also finds the band building on their previous encounters with a fresh adventure in sonic and melodic enterprise where experience of life and its anxieties align with greater maturity in songwriting to create a collection of tracks which courted ears and thought alike.

The album immediately bursts into ear grabbing life with The Otherside, the opener almost taunting attention initially with guitar and breath before hitting a menace lined stroll which in turn sparks the anthemic instincts of the song and Blade’s vocals. There is authority in both, commanding attention as riffs and grooves invite the imagination as ably as lyrics and the weave of invention.

It is a gripping start to the release which Sin Eater immediately matches with its nagging riffs and rhythmic jabbing and subsequently through its increasingly fiery character, creative and emotive flames similarly echoed in Blade’s magnetic tones and words. There is an instinctive snarl to the song too which is galvanic but equally an inherent catchiness which explores a more pop/alt rock vein within Tonight I’m With You. It is a song with classic hues to its lively character and creative smile, one of those songs you feel you already know yet have no sense of what is to come; a fresh and eager proposition easily devoured.

Who You Are is next up and like those before it got under the skin swiftly and only sparked appetite for and participation with its inspiriting rock ‘n’ roll before Hold Your Heart calmed things down with its acoustic charm and Blade’s emotive serenade. The track seduced and captivated, keys and stringed orchestration increasingly evoking the fire and drama in its heart with every passing note and syllable, that opening  mellow elegance blossoming into a bold imagination striking adventure.

The spiky Undo Me and Persephone with its rousing virulence brought fresh enterprise and temptation to the release, the second especially dynamic as it fuses the familiar with the unique in its emotive and sonic tempest while Ozymandias ventures into the shadows with wiry grooves and a portentous breath, though it courts inflamed  catchiness and rhythmic energy just as readily. All three only tightened the album’s grip on ears and enjoyment, each providing new twists and inventive turns to feed the imagination just as Sacrifice after them with its dramatic keys and clamorous instincts. They soon reveal an inner beauty too, Blade in voice and emotion radiance and fire united and surrounded by just as volatile and enterprise engaging sounds cast with imagination.

If Trigger Warning did not grip as tightly as many before it, the track certainly had ears and enjoyment alive with its resourceful and spirited character with Still Not Asking For It completing the pleasure with its particular cauldron of enterprise and emotive fire, another galvanic roar within the album heartily embraced by these ears.

The bonus pair of the evocative ballad I Never Knew and the boisterous rock ‘n’ roller New York Time are icing on the cake, both as individual to the other and what came before as they were united in setting new incitement for ears and pleasure.

 BETH BLADE & THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS are back bigger, bolder and more resourcefully compelling than ever, Mythos, Confession, Tragedy & Love declaring the Cardiff band is ready to command the broadest and richest attention.

Mythos, Confession, Tragedy & Love is released July 8th via Beautiful Disaster Records.

 Pete RingMaster 30/06/2022

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