Seeking Sirens – Departing Ways

With a couple of ear grabbing singles having already whetted the appetite, US metalcore outfit SEEKING SIRENS have just unleashed their debut EP and fair to say Departing Ways more than backed up the suggestion and promise of those previous tracks as it devoured the senses.

SEEKING SIRENS is the coming together of long-time friends, lead guitarist and recording engineer Kevin Wilson (FEAR THE UNITED, VANISHER) and Joseph Izayea, (FROM UNDER CONCRETE KINGS, SOUR TIMES, CITY OF HOMES). It was during the pandemic that the pair joined up and collaborated upon this five track EP with its first two singles unveiled last year. Since then SEEKING SIRENS has become a fully manned proposition, with Dave Sustain, Matt Lavocado and Chris Kilcup joining the North Carolina based band as they look to take the live scene as potently as their emotionally fired, venomously presented sound has taken ears so far.

A proposition which embraces a rich wealth of flavours to its metalcore bred core, SEEKING SIRENS immediately dangles enticing threat bearing  bait before ears as the EP’s opener and title track slowly comes into view, the song soon launching into a rapacious stroll with biting rhythms and eddies of sonic tempting. It is a predacious affair yet equally melodically captivating and infectiously inviting with vocals an echo of the enterprisingly balanced tempest. Within the storm, the track also revels in a technical and atmospheric dexterity that further escalated the pull and enjoyment of the track and our introduction to the band.

The following Surface gently shimmers into view, the track a ballad with irritability in its veins and melodic radiance in its breath between roaring flames of sonic and emotive voracity. It too revels in the adventure and variety in the band’s songwriting and sound, a prowess Splinter equally embraces with its stormy discontent and groove fraught dissension around just as impassioned melodic enterprise.

The final pair of Grip and Living Truth proved just as compelling, the first another stormy affair of sound and emotion swinging from contemplative calm to explosive uproars prone to their own senses scorching eruptions. Its successor with a swift and quickly devoured nagging quality is a predator of a track, a snarling grouchy beast but unafraid to reveal it’s emotive and imagination fired tendencies with nu-metal-esque invention.

Altogether, Departing Ways provides five tracks of ear gripping, craft rich metal which easily sparked an appetite for more ahead; SEEKING SIRENS announcing themselves fully in fine style.

Departing Ways is out now; steaming across most stores.

Pete RingMaster 16/06/2022

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