Big Drink – It Was Supposed To Be Easy

It Was Supposed To Be Easy is our introduction to UK punksters BIG DRINK, having not been aware of the band under former moniker A NEW HOPE either, but an EP sparking the raising of glasses to an outfit which feel like old friends from the off yet only unleash fresh episodes of pop punk voracity by the moment.

Hailing from the market towns of Newbury and Hereford, BIG DRINK creates a sound which has drawn reference to the likes of A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, yet and proven by the It Was Supposed To Be Easy EP it firmly sets out its individuality and dexterity song by song. Each track within the release has its own identity with unpredictability and twists the order of the day within a sound which shares one creative breath.

The EP opens with Broken Lights and fifty three seconds of predacious metalcore inclined ferocity. Within the predacious trespass though, the band uncages its infection loaded pop punk instincts with a whiff of Skindred to it all as icing on the creative cake.

With barely time for appetite and body to stiffen, Cerebro takes over, fluidly emerging from its predecessor with an infernal under the skin swing and the participation inviting vocals of the band to the fore. There is still an irritable snarl to the guitars as in the opener, but tempered by their melodic inclinations and the more merciful exploits of rhythms.

Two tracks in and we were hooked. The following Swag Bag proved a devious incitement of metal and punk rock again with its own venture of twists and turns spun with melodic punk adrenaline and rapaciously virulent catchiness, persistent feral incitement and electronic devilment in there for extra pleasure. Favourite track proved hard to reach a final decision on but this certainly ranked high as too successor M.O., another song sparking Skindred thoughts at times as BIG DRINK entangles a variety of flavours in the tracks eventful exploits.

Different Circles equally springs a kaleidoscope of styles and essences in its heavy pop punk web of temptation; a song stalking the senses with its virulence and rousing the same with its anthemic urgency and raucous contemplation.  Broken up with brutish exclamations, the song is another addictive moment in the release being quickly followed by For The Clout, a track which initially does not feel too many steps away from its predecessor but soon establishes its own clamorously catchy captivation in ears, involvement and pleasure.

So that is It Was Supposed To Be Easy, a title which maybe echoes the journey of the band so far in sentiment but soon declares that BIG DRINK will be greedily supped up hereon in; we raise our glasses again to that.

It Was Supposed To Be Easy is out now across the usual stores.

Upcoming shows:


24th – London – Engine Rooms w/ The Bottom Line


2nd – Nottingham – The Angel Microbrewary


4th – High Wycombe – Pick It Up Festival  

Pete RingMaster 16/06/2022

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