A Shameless Invitation

    With balmy nights and sultry days on the near horizon, fingers crossed, summer is an invitation for fun and adventure. It also brings a certain character of sound and in timely fashion, carrying rich suggestion for its evocative soundtrack in her arms, our friend Shauna of Shameless Promotions PR and weavers of equally provocative experiences, Canadian duo Ummagma, recently walked the path to the imagination once again. Within the kaleidoscope of sonic goodness she offered up we were especially drawn to a fertile handful, each a song to warmly grace those future seasonal possibilities…    

   As new album, Technology For The Youth, orbits its upcoming unveiling, Irish electronic producer CIRCUIT3 has just released a rich taster in the shape of new single, Future Radio. It is a pulsation of electronic tempting and virulence of pop incitement, the kind of proposal to get the day and spirit bouncing. 

CIRCUIT3 is the alias of musician/songwriter Peter Fitzpatrick, an artist openly embracing the inspirations of eighties electronic pop. Crafted with analogue synthesizers, his music and lyrical explorations find equal theme and emotional source in technological and futuristic exploration, science and the stars past and future at their heart. As Future Radio proves it makes for a fascination inviting proposition within a sound which infests the senses with viral dexterity.

Out, as the upcoming July 15th released full-length via AnalogueTrash, Future Radio immediately coruscates within ears, its melodic crystals and atmospheric intimation instant enticement to which vocals and electronic enterprise adds greater temptation. The track as quickly embraces the nostalgia meets new enterprise rumination of the CIRCUIT3 sound, past and future aligning similarly in lyrical thought as a Buggles meets Bill Nelson adventure seeps a song which was swiftly under the skin and manipulating spirit, thought and the instinct to dance with relish.

Accompanied by a Ricardo Autobahn Remix and evocative instrumental Kosmos 954, a piece venturing into the dark mystery of the cosmos, Future Radio is an early must for ears in the new summer of adventure.

    June 10th sees the release of Maison, the new track from San Francisco soul/rock outfit SEAL PARTY. It too comes from an upcoming full-length, the August 5th released MMXXII, and equally makes for one vibrantly warm and refreshing breeze for those hopeful weeks of smoldering heat.

 SEAL PARTY is the creation of songwriting-production duo, Chris McGrew (drums/production) and Kevin Seal (keyboards/vocals), studio veterans who have worked and collaborated with a horde of musicians and releases over the years. The coming New Age Distribution full-length is their debut album with Maison a fruitful invitation.

 It too merges nostalgic inspiration with new endeavour, ‘70s soul and R&B flavours joining its alternative rock casting as the track instantly swung through ears with a calm but lively stroll. Its potency meant that Just as quickly hips swayed and feet engaged in an eager shuffle and with Chris Rob (Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Anita Baker, Talib Kweli) guesting on organ, the song only cemented its soulful captivation as backing vocals provided an additional breeze inviting personal participation.

 Maison is a gentle persuasion of ears yet as forceful upon keen attention and energetic spirit as anything likely to be driving a fruitful summer soundtrack.

    Another duo which impressively lit up ears is The Caughtery with new single Fragile. It comes ahead of the band’s Tim Palmer produced, July 15th due eponymous debut EP, a first single and introduction to the Austin pair which instantly shines a keen spotlight on their cinematic/melodic rock sound.

Vocalist Lisa Tingle and guitarist/keyboardist David Gayler also have vast experience of bands and collaborations to their years of creativity before uniting in 2020 as THE CAUGHTERY, bringing them into a project which was meant as a one song outing but soon blossomed into a full adventure. Decades of rock can be heard within the band’s sound too yet Fragile shows they are hues within a fresh and rich proposal.

   With Palmer also guesting on guitar, Fragile instantly shimmered on the senses, its electronic lures further joined in magnetic pull by Tingle’s inviting tones. There is an instinctive passion and drama to her voice which is matched in the epic lined rock enterprise of Gayler. There is also a sense of emotional volatility which is echoed in the tempestuousness breath of the track, every moment dexterous in gripping ears and sparking the imagination.

Fragile is a powerful introduction to THE CAUGHTERY and a spark to eager anticipation for that first EP.

    Continuing the theme of duos providing ear coaxing adventures this month is UK indie rock outfit ERNEST MOON. Liverpool-based, the band is made up of Steven Doran and Brian Murphy and they too are on the eve of releasing a new album, the June 15th unveiled Skipping To Maloo. Before then they have set the temptation of new single, Unkind, for contemplation; a gentle and warmly engaging song sure to lead ears eagerly to their larger offering.

Influences to the pair are said to include the likes of The Blockheads, Arab Strap, Talking Heads and The Specials yet theirs is a sound with an eclectic presence and indeed Unkind calmly slips into ears with a folk pop meets indie rock persuasion. There is a touch of The Sums to the song as it blossoms by the melodic second and vocal breath, both emotionally intimate and warmly engaging with each passing minute reveling in new enterprise.

For those sultry nights of passion, Unkind is a serenade of beauty and temptation, an expression of better things from the heart for the heart.

   As their new album looms ever closer, June 17th almost on our doorsteps, NYC-based post-punk / alternative rock collective LONDON PLANE have revealed another rich reason to go explore Bright Black, with new single, Come Out of the Dark. It is a track which reveals another aspect to the band’s dark but beauty woven sound, reveling in the goth and indie-pop instincts of the sextet.

Come Out of the Dark is a song seeded in isolation and aloneness but an incitement to escape from that darkness lyrically and in spirit; a celebration of energy and creative smiles led by Jessica Cole’s beacon like voice.

This too has a nostalgic hue to its breath, the song reminding of bands like The March Violets and The Primitives in certain ways but more so firmly cementing the dexterous individuality of LONDON PLANE.

With the guitar of David Mosey weaving tenebrific melody and sharp hooks alongside the rhythmic snarl of Grant Parker’s bass and the punchy beats of Bryan Garbe and the united enterprise of guitarist Kristofer Widholm and keyboardist Julian Tulip escalating the captivation of the track’s organic seduction, Come Out of the Dark is reason alone to embrace the shadows and adventure of the Declared Goods released Bright Black and indeed as us, the highly addictive prowess of LONDON PLANE.

http://www.circuit3.com/   https://www.facebook.com/circuit3music   https://twitter.com/circuit3music   https://circuit3.bandcamp.com/

https://www.facebook.com/groups/sealparty6   https://twitter.com/sealparty6  

https://www.thecaughtery.com/   https://www.facebook.com/TheCaughtery/   https://twitter.com/tcaughtery  

https://www.facebook.com/Ernestmoonmusic/   https://twitter.com/ErnestMoonMusic   https://ernestmoon.bandcamp.com/

https://londonplane.bandcamp.com/music https://www.facebook.com/londonplanenyc http://www.instagram.com/londonplanenyc     https://twitter.com/LondonPlaneNYC

Pete RingMaster 09/06/2022

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