Wasteland Viper – Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pic by Maaike Ronhaar

If you are looking for a rather fine slab of rock ‘n’ roll then head the way of Wormholedeath and their uncaging of Dead Men Tell No Tales, the debut album from Dutch outfit WASTELAND VIPER. It is a record which roars like a beast and sets the pulse racing with galvanic prowess, a multi-flavoured incitement introducing one potential soaked, enterprise fuelled proposition in the shape of its attention grabbing creators.

Formed in 2016, Wasteland Viper released debut EP, Unleash the Beast, to keenly welcoming ears, attention further gathered their way through their live exploits which has seen the band play with the likes of Therapy? and Cryptosis. Dead Men Tell No Tales is a bigger and richer lure for broader recognition, a record which from start to finish demanded attention as it set body and vocal chords to work.

With a sound fired in the instinctive essences of hard rock and punk with flumes of hardcore ferocity, WASTELAND VIPER immediately accosted and incited the rocker within as Overdrive set the release off in rousing style, the song instantly entangling ears in a wire of temptation. Tom Korte’s bass continued to hold them tight as Daan Molenkamp’s guitar and Vincent ten Berge’s beats launched their own surges of manipulation, it all led by the raucously clean tones of Marijn Houvast. It is a recipe and virulently persuasion incitement all tracks bear with individuality, that mix of punk and hard rock as rapacious and infectious within the likes of Black Snow and Different World.

In the album’s persistent prowess and arousing, particular tracks continually raised the bar of personal infatuation, the album’s outstanding title track leading the way with its nagging groove, fertile hooks and swinging rhythms; ingredients all encapsulated in Houvast’s rebel rousing tones.

Similarly, Feeding The Madness with its classic rock breath and seventies rock ‘n’ roll eagerness and Live By The Day with its GRUMPYNATORS-esque motorbilly urgency and involvement burrowed deep. But this is another release which gripped from start to finish, appetite and imagination sparked throughout with the closing pair of the energy inebriated Welcome To The Bar and Steed Of Steel with its tarmac tearing, adrenaline inflaming onslaught springing a finale which sparked the keenest attention and involvement.

 Dead Men Tell No Tales is a slice of rock ‘n’ roll we cannot tear ourselves away from, so why not let the upstart within come join us and WASTELAND VIPER. 

 Dead Men Tell No Tales is out now via Wormholedeath; available digitally and on CD @ https://wastelandviper.nl/

https://www.facebook.com/wastelandviperofficial/   https://www.instagram.com/wastelandviperofficial/  

Pete RingMaster 26/05/2022

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