Headspawn – Pretty Ugly People

Pic Rafael Passos

Providing a striking introduction to its creators, Pretty Ugly People is the debut EP from Brazilian groove metallers HEADSPAWN.

It offers up four tracks from a band which forming in 2019 soon found themselves like the world derailed somewhat by the global pandemic.  The Joao Pessoa hailing band though exploited the time to hone their sound into the four tracks making up the EP, songs recorded live without an audience and subsequently released as ear grabbing singles. Now together within Pretty Ugly People, they make for one notably keen and impressive lure for broader and greater attention.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Alf Cantalice, bassist J.P. Cordeiro and drummer Marconi Jr., HEADSPAWN have brewed a groove metal bred sound with anger on its breath and ferocity in its heart. Pretty Ugly People proves the suggestion, its exploits bearing the inspiration of bands like SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD and STONE SOUR but casting an individuality which promises to only grow stronger and bolder ahead.

Satan Goss opens up the release, launching itself at ears with predatory intent and galvanic incitement. Riffs nags and rhythms pound as the irritable track stretches its enterprise; grooves a swiftly welcomed wiry trap around the raw throated and clean cast vocals of Cantalice. With the gnarly swing of Cordeiro’s bass equally thickly compelling to these ears, the track rattled the senses and hooked the imagination with relish.

Swinging its contempt and ire at political and religious corruption, Worthless Piece Of Shit quickly twists and turns within ears. As riffs taunt vocals heckle its targets, rhythms as belligerent in their intent with again grooves a web of eager incitement. Though groove metal tagged, there is a richer recipe to the HEADSPAWN sound, alternative metal and grungier essences blossoming across the ear grabbing track with its alluring melodic flames aligning to instinctive ferocity.

The following Voices makes a melodically haunting start, a weave of guitar a deceit of captivation as inner tempestuousness subsequently erupts in sound and vocals. An intimate look at schizophrenic torment, the track twists around in kaleidoscopic emotional anxiety, the band casting matching dilemma in its melodic and sonic enterprise before Satellite completes the EP with its own particular attack on the world and its manipulative hierarchy. Again grooves cast a stirring draw being more than matched by disagreement bred rhythms and Cantalice’s bi-dexterous vocals.

Each track within the outstanding Pretty Ugly People harassed and tempted with craft and imagination, the enjoyment found in its songs matched by anticipation of the further potential suggested by each being realised.

Pretty Ugly People is out now, available to stream on iTunes, Spotify and more.

https://is.gd/headspawnfacebook   https://is.gd/headspawninstagram  

Pete RingMaster 02/06/2022

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