Insense – The Silent Epidemic B-Sides

Following the release of the EP, The Soothing Torture B-Sides, this past April, a beast of an encounter featuring a trio of tracks which were recorded at the time of their classic 2006 full-length, The Soothing Torture, but did not quite fit its ultimate body, Norwegian technical metallers INSENSE uncage a similar proposal in its successor, The Silent Epidemic B-Sides. This too offers songs which did not quite find a place within a full-length, in this case the band’s 2007 released The Silent Epidemic, but tracks that, though seemingly destined to be lost, bided their time and nagged at the Oslo quartet to now find their unleashing.

As with the encounters within the first EP, you can sort of understand how they may have been set aside the eventual set of songs and their united tone making up the band’s album yet two incitements within the new release which are voraciously striking and gripping in their own rights.

Bred in Insense’s ravenous extreme and technical forged sound, the pair of Crushed Beneath the Weight and This Is The End takes no prisoners, the first launching at the listener with ursine force yet is equally predatory in its clamour drenched technical prowess and feral rhythmic assault and manipulation. Similarly the second invades and infests with merciless discontent, every second and moment cast by vocalist/guitarist Tommy Hjelm, guitarist Martin Rygge, bassist Ola Hana, and drummer Truls Haugen abuse and raw seduction combined.

Both tracks are superb; psyche, emotion, and physical incitements which are more than worthy of their unleashing and further evidence, if needed, of the impressive and fiercely enjoyable journey and rise of Insense so far.

The Silent Epidemic B-Sides is out now via Mas-Kina Records.

Pete RingMaster 26/05/2022

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