Stickman – Ex-Box Life

STICKMAN is a name it appears many bands and artists are employing but look for a band coming from Wales and who have just signed with Criminal Records and you will have the miscreants behind the glorious new single, Ex-Box Life.

This is a band which embraces a flurry of flavours and styles for a sound which teases, taunts and exposes the weakness in your attempts at tagging. In saying that though, they describe themselves as disco-punk and launch upon the senses and imagination like a fusion of Swound!, The Aquabats, and Engerica accosted by shenanigans of Stump. It is a unique proposal no more devilish than within the band’s new mischief making track.

Ex-Box Life immediately leaps upon the senses, riffs and rhythms challenging and inciting attention with a wild grin to their creative urges. Twisting and turning the track continues to taunt and accost like a deceitful punch drunk boxer, but only springing cunning and manipulative mischief upon ears and imagination. Melodic calms and pop punk lures only add to the busy fertility and rapacious antics of band and track alike, it all resulting in one glorious tampering of sanity and the provocation of one’s own bad habits.

Likewise the accompanying Binary takes no prisoners in its atypical exploits and virulent temptations. There is something of a Criminal Records essence to the track’s anomalous twists with even its calmer swings and melodic sways carrying the lure of the aberrant. It too is a song which clawed under the skin by the passing second, addiction as potently brewed as by its predecessor, with a want to hear more from the punk rascals quickly in needy swing.

Ex-Box Life is out now via Criminal Records now.

Upcoming Live Dates

17th June NEWPORT McCanns

18th June NEATH The Duke  

Pete RingMaster 12/05/2022

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