If I Die Today – The Abyss In Silence

Suffering for your art or its appreciation is no better epitomised than by the new album from IF I DIE TODAY. It is a release which left the senses seriously blistered and flailed to the edge of collapse with emotions equally as trespassed and exposed yet the rewards found within The Abyss In Silence were simply cathartic pleasure with ears and appetite equally enlivened.

The Abyss In Silence is the fourth album from the Northern Italy hailing band and an encounter which casts their sound at its most ferocious, intense, and emotionally fired yet. Their fusion of hardcore, metal and sludge embedded rock ‘n’ roll has never taken any prisoners but within The Abyss In Silence presents its most furious, corrosive and inspiriting proposal yet. A concept album taking on the tempest and impact of loss and grief and embracing Death will come and will have your eyes, a poem by Italian poet Cesare Pavese, to its heart, the release goes for the emotional and physical jugular from its first breath.

Opener Life is a cauldron of anxiety and turbulence in sound and air. It is also a kind of template for the whole release in many ways and the first sign of the individuality of tracks and their personal moment in the album’s journey through the inflammatory process of its theme.

Every track left a galvanic and striking mark within the album with particular personal peaks coming through the corrosive rousing of the exceptional Death and First Day (Denial) with its equally impacting and exhilarating furnace of sound, emotional anxiety and suffering. It epitomises the predacious rock ‘n’ roll quality to the If I Die Today sound and that creative unpredictability and imagination, qualities just as greedily devoured within the likes of the punk fuelled, grievously invading White Noise (Anger) and the brutally confrontational Ashes (Negotiation), it another major highlight of assault and temptation.

The second half of The Abyss In Silence maybe did not ignite instincts and the lust of passions as the first yet with tracks such as Autumn (Sadness) and Void (Acceptance) unleashing unique pyres of torment and expectation squashing imagination, our attention and the scalding pleasure never wavered. With Darkness closing out the album in an overwhelming cyclone of noise and despair shaped with dexterous and emotional passion, The Abyss In Silence proved an imposing and gripping incitement like few others whilst suggesting that If I Die Today is one of Europe’s most ferocious if at times debilitating pleasures.

The Abyss In Silence is out now through Argonauta Records; available @  https://ifidietoday.bandcamp.com/

https://www.facebook.com/ifidietodayhc   https://www.instagram.com/ifidietoday_official/

Pete RingMaster 05/05/2022

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