A Good Rogering – Systematic Paralysis

Eclecticism and unpredictability often go hand in hand and so they keenly pair up within the new album from US rockers A GOOD ROGERING. Their sound has never been slow in offering both qualities over their previous full-lengths, EPs and a host of ear enlivening singles, but within Systematic Paralysis the band firmly brews their most enthralling and compelling proposition yet, finding new strengths in that mix of diversity and adventure.

Austin hailing, A GOOD ROGERING creates a rock bred incitement which embraces a tapestry of flavours within its enterprise and invention. Imagine a fusion of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Scaramanga Six and Faith No More with a hint of Dog Fashion Disco and you come towards but not truly close to the individuality in craft and music of A GOOD ROGERING and certainly Systematic Paralysis.

Exploring various themes embracing “a world gone terribly wrong”, Systematic Paralysis immediately began its captivation from the moment opener, Face Value, erupted on ears with predacious intent and nagging agility. Like the following title track, the song teased and tempted with enterprise and an avenue of twists and turns which only escalated the lure of keen attention. Equally in its own design of intrigue and intimation, its successor captured keener involvement with its mercurial landscape of seduction and aggression, the voice of Skunk Manhattan leading that unpredictability of imagination as he and fellow guitarist Tim Driscoll weaved devilish wiring across the melodic lure of John Takanikos’ keys.

The rhythmic bait and dexterity of bassist Sammiard Alvarado and drummer Rom Gov equally manipulated and involved instincts and body across the release, the band as a whole never allowing ears and imagination to wander as the likes of A Victory Lost beckoned, the outstanding Another Handout taunted, and the blues swarthy Hands of the Conqueror seduced with their respective slices of rock ‘n’ roll drama and individuality.

Favourite track was seized and tightly gripped by S.I.Y.F., its nightmare nurtured opening the coaxing into a dark realm of suggestion and hellish tempestuousness, though as the album offered further dexterous intrigue, Clones for Death harassed its threat loaded case to that choice.

Concluded by All There Ever Is with its emotive and haunting contemplation, Systematic Paralysis evoked fascination and captivation with every passing second and provoked a truly nagging itch to explore its rare and multifarious body again and again.

Systematic Paralysis is out now and available @ https://agoodrogering.bandcamp.com/

https://www.facebook.com/agoodrogeringband    https://twitter.com/agoodrogering     https://www.instagram.com/agoodrogering/    https://www.agoodrogering.com/  

 Pete RingMaster 05/05/2022

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