Lie Land – Loveland

A release you should not allow to pass you by is the Loveland EP from Italian rockers LIE LAND. It brings three of the band’s previously released and well received singles together with a pair of new tracks; a collection which provides the most compelling and striking introduction to the Tuscany based band for the wider world.

 The band’s sound is a fusion of flavours and styles within one rousing roar; classic and alternative rock merging with punk and psych rock in a fire of sound with plenty more varied flames to its blaze. Formed in 2021, LIE LAND soon drew keen attention at home with their singles and now seems destined to repeat the success on a larger and broader scale courtesy of the impressive Loveland.

With the voice of Marta Giurintano a rush of passion and temptation in its own right within the sonic fire cast by the band, fascination and captivation came quickly as our introduction to the band erupted with EP opening Heart Hacker. The song slowly and seductively caressed ears initially yet straightaway there is a heat of tempting which flamed away and with increasing vigour as the song rose to its dexterous feet. Similarly, Giurintano gripped ears and appetite straightaway as she rode that lively simmer, her tones as the sounds around her soon a blaze within the song’s emotive eruptions. 

It is a great start quickly outshone by the following Love Is All, a song prowling and taunting the senses and imagination with predacious intent. Again opening lures brew and boil into a tempestuous and virulent proposal, the guitars of Jacopo Scannadinari and Stefano Di Paola deviously cunning and enterprising in their grooves and sonic webs as the track explodes in greater craft and imagination by the minute.

Cry is another which gently but firmly coaxes ears though instantly the rhythmic swing and jabbing of bassist Andrea Grassi and drummer Federico Bianciardi provide a suggestion of volatility which subsequently bursts and incites greater union between songwriting, scorching sound and our increasing addiction.

 New single, He’s Coming aligns funk inclinations to its rock and alt punk instincts next, the track another equipped with rock pop catchiness as forceful and manipulative as its rock muscularity and punk rock uproar. The EP shows that by the song, the LIE LAND sound has grown and become more dextrously compelling and this new track shows the trend is only going to continue, a suggestion more than backed by release closing Strangers. It is an emotive ballad come sonic uproar and another fascinating moment in the emergence of a band we have soon found a greedy hunger for with matching keenness in anticipation for their exploits ahead.

 Everything about the collection of songs within Loveland is hot temptation, each either a potent heat or an outright blaze of temptation and invention with Giurintano’s tones the delicious icing on each creative cake.

Loveland is out now via Wanikiya Records across usual stores.  

Pete RingMaster 05/05/2022

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