Atoll – Prepuce

Wiping the sonic viscera off our bodies and blood strewn violation from our psyche, we have only one declaration to make, Prepuce is the rawest most salacious pleasure endured and embraced this year. The mini album is the new molestation from Phoenix based ATOLL and the declaration that the band’s slam/ brutal death metal interference has unleashed its finest moment of craft, enterprise and rousingly immoral yet.

Prepuce is pure defilement of the senses and wellbeing yet no richer an inspiriting infringement have we come across in recent times. The release fingers every orifice in Atoll’s craft and corruptive intent to in turn fondle every aspect of the listener’s imagination and welfare. It’s feral and prurient nature though cannot hide or disguise the technical craft and keen slightly mischievous, imagination shaping the release.

As soon as the opener, Cirrhosis for Dinner, spews its toxic and immediately intoxicating contamination we were bound in the trail of sonic entrapment from guitarists Christopher Nick and Spencer Ferguson or from Wade Taylor’s gutturally bestrewed vocals. Bile coats every porcine syllable stretched and cast from his raw throat with the rhythms of bassist Cameron Broomfield and drummer Andy Luffey drawing on that immorality for their own iniquitous exploits.

With each passing track the untamed baiting of sound and violent discord from the bands presents fresh trespasses of unpredictable and inventive incitement, the likes of Knifed in the Butt and The Circumcisor with their respective ravenous and intensive furies skilled eddies of rich persuasion and debilitating incursion. The twists and turns equipping every song with greater surprise and addiction are creative hooks which infested the psyche every aspect, from the webs of guitar grievance and the primal dispute of rhythms to the swinish throes of Taylor’s personal violations they escalated the galvanic tempting burrowing under the skin.

Each track is a predator too, stalking the senses and one’s sanity in their own ways, Molotov Cock Tease and Hitchhiker the most adept and threatening in that creative craft even as they only lead to further cyclones of creative transgression and ill-willed villainy.

With Gathering Swarm presenting one final deluge of infernal malevolence and callous enterprise, Prepuce proved a compelling masterclass of senses ravaging, sensibility savaging corruption and a truly nefarious pleasure greedily devoured.

Prepuce is out now via Unique Leader Records across most stores.

Pete RingMaster 05/05/2022

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