Remy de Laroque – Star Code

With a new album, Star Code, preparing to have an unveiling this summer, singer songwriter Remy de Laroque first presents a four track EP of the same name. It is a collection of songs which is said to epitomise the distinctive adventure, enterprise and infectious agility of its creator’s sixth full-length; a quartet of captivations which offers every reason to find only eager anticipation for the bigger adventure to come.

French born Brooklyn based, de Laroque has a sound and touch which the Star Code EP proves has bold individuality and an inherent melodic animation which sets it apart and got under our skins with almost rapacious eagerness. Each song also bears the variety in his music; pop, world music, balladry and rock among flavours embraced and woven, often within a single song,

The EP opens with Bee Dreaming; the caress of guitar an instant lure soon joined by equally captivating and suggestive melodic threads and de Laroque equally warm and magnetic tones. Gentle yet with the potent suggestion of shadows and more melancholic rumination in its blossoming body, the song is beauty and haunting intimation united set around worldly rhythmic incitement.

 It is an enthralling and captivating start which Always Shine simply escalates with its infectious exploits and pop rock instincts. In breath, voice and enterprise, the track manipulated instincts and involvement in every way possible, a bold and creatively mischievous puppeteer which had us bubbling and bouncing like few others so far this year.

One Way to Saigon has a wanderlust breath to its emotive romance, the track a travelogue of longing and celebration cast with Parisian nurtured contemplation and creative ‘painting’. Again dark and light hues align in the thoughtful melodies and organic harmonic beauty wrapping ears, the song yet another magnetic influence swiftly and firmly embraced.

A glorious nagging quality is at the heart of EP closing Ballerinas Shadows, a persistence which becomes more urgent and forceful by the second yet never diminishes the natural beauty and again melodic romancing on offer, even as rhythms gain greater bite.

Fair to say, that the Star Code EP soon and majestically proved itself a rich pleasure with four of the finest songs from Remy de Laroque yet. It also lit a greedy appetite for that larger proposal, and an anticipation of greater and bolder adventures to come. 

 The Star Code EP is released June 2nd; available @  

Pete RingMaster 12/05/2022

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