The Keplerians – Spaceship Earth

A love letter to its inhabitants with a warning to the planet, Spaceship Earth is the new EP from electronic dance collective THE KEPLERIANS. Across three tracks, the record provides adventure for body and thoughts alike, making no demands but with a creative smile still providing a forceful incitement for change.

 Based in Lisbon, Portugal, THE KEPLERIANS weave a sound fuelled by EDM and dance pop but with threads from broader electronic exploration. The band is the creation of RR 14-775 and RF 14-703, two “visitors” from afar embracing the inspiration of artists such as Daft Punk, Woodkid, The Chemical Brothers, Chromeo, Kool & The Gang, Modjo, Jamiroquai and Hans Zimmer. As the new EP proves, the pair cast a captivating wrap for their evocative messages and as its opening title track evidences, it was hard for body and feet to offer any resistance to its call.

With its first breath, the song declares and reminds that “There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew”. It is a quote from famous Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan, one which, according to the band, provided the starting point to the creation of the EP and is the centre stone to the song; eleven words spoken by EJ 21-983 which make the most direct reminder in a world in turmoil. Musically the song simmers and bubbles before weaving a radiantly infectious persuasion and manipulation to dancefloor instincts. Equally, it is a fusion of atmospheric suggestion, ambient beauty and pop celebration moulded into one captivating view of one wondrous world.

 The following Final Frontier gently but firmly swings in with its own magnetic warmth and contagious intent the track swiftly manipulated limbs and attention with its own creative grin and vibrant discourse of suggestion. Once more there is celebration and joy in its veins and pores, another incitement for keen bodies across dancefloors with plenty of drama for the imagination to play with.

Featuring the voice of RA 17-004, the mystery of creators never relaxing, This Place We Call Home is a slice of emotive pop once more highlighting on a plentiful world and our need to keep it safe. If lyrically the track’s larger tapestry of words and contemplation does not have the direct punch of the first song, it is a potent incitement on thoughts just as the song’s swelling sound and flirtatious dynamics were on ears.

From start to finish, the Spaceship Earth EP is a spirit carousing incitement eagerly reminding of what we have around us and what we face losing; a combination that was keenly embraced.

The Spaceship Earth EP is out now via Blim Records 360; available @

Pete RingMaster 28/04/2022

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