Telefís – Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics EP

Sure to sweep up further keen interest the way of their inimitably impressive debut album, a hAon, TELEFÍS follow-up the release of their final single with an EP version. As with previous tracks, the Irish band support a lure with a larger and richer proposition and as with previous single/EP encounters, the merging of their and the listener’s imagination proves undiluted pleasure.

For newcomers, Telefís is the collaboration between Garret ‘Jacknife’ Lee  (U2, REM, Modest Mouse, The Wombats) and Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney, Fatima Mansions), a project which began in lockdown and travelled back and forth between the pairs respective homes in LA and London. A host of songs and EPs provided rich incitement for the exploration of what proved to be an eclectically fascinating and creatively striking a hAon, with itself the spark to richly eager acclaim from fans and media alike.  

The Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics EP, in addition to the single offers up a THOMAS LEER Version and alternative takes of three other album tracks. It is a release which evokes thought and captivation alike, an echo of the success of the duo’s stunning full-length and more minutely their satirical and “mischievous examination of Irish history and pop culture in their lifetimes.”

A track which in our imaginations evoked a world and history where ‘illegal’ enhancement is a commodity of freedom to embrace and a theatre of success and turbulence sparked, Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics is a rousing slice of dancefloor busting electro pop. Its gait is punchy, call contagious and with a pugilistic character to its swing and intent burrowed deeply under the skin. Throughout Lee’s sounds are a celebration of creative appetite and urgent infectiousness and Coughlan’s words and tones purveyors of evocative adventure and unique conjuring within one’s own thought led curiosity; united their craft and invention weaving a track which had both body and the imagination dancing.

The version from electro-pop pioneer THOMAS LEER, an inspiration to the pair when the idea of collaborating and TELEFÍS began, is a more translucent affair, a track which unveils an ethereal world of possibilities and intimation from within the song’s own alternative vision and rumination. Futuristically crystalline and radiantly suggestive, the track is kaleidoscopic in temptation and as the original, fully enthralling.

The final three tracks new versions of Picadors, Ballytransnational and There Goes Waterface, each respectively brought into fresh evocative light and evocative ‘normality’ through the spoken word appearances by family and friends. Respectively Auntie Joan, Da and Esther, and Mrs. Hegarty grace the songs with their organic offering of Coughlan’s words, a fresh sense of nostalgic past and thought romancing melancholy emerging in each of their individual and compelling temptations.

Once more a bold and provocative adventure is provided by a TELEFÍS release and again only keen praise and eager attention was found by the Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics EP, in return providing rich pleasure.

The Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics EP is out now via Dimple Discs; available @  

Pete RingMaster 28/04/2022

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