Agape – Mind Pollution

Mind Pollution is the debut album from Italian rockers AGAPE, and a release which, with its body of groove strapped, blues kissed rock ‘n’ roll, firmly introduces the band to the European rock scene.

Formed in 2017, the Firenze hailing rockers have grown from a high school band to a bold and fresh proposal for rock fans to contemplate. The short years to the recording of their first album last year and now its recent unveiling has seen the band successfully play a host of rock contests, numerous festival and shows across Tuscany, and open for Jack Meille’s band General Stratocuster and The Marshals. Now having signed with Red Cat Records, the quintet of vocalist Alice Taddei, guitarists Elia Giorgi and Gabriele Coppola, bassist Alessia Lodde and drummer Filippo Di Martino have their sights on broader attention and success at home and across Europe, the increasingly impressive Mind Pollution their opening play.

An album reflecting mental stability and anxiety in a world thick in darkness, disorder and detrimental trespass, Mind Pollution is an encounter which made a strong initial impression but truly got under the skin song by song and inescapably by the listen.

From the initial grooves of The Spark, the album revealed its persuasive prowess, even if the opener did not quite stir the appetite as subsequent offerings. Even so, with Taddei’s vocals a fiery pleasure and the guitars a web of tempting amidst rhythmic incitement, the track resonated with all the potent aspects of the band’ and its sound, they soon to be in full eruption within the following Mind The Gap.

The song had ears hooked in mere seconds, its opening lure controlled yet with a sense of the contagious slightly feral rock ‘n’ roll to come. Jabbing rhythms and magnetic vocals lead the persuasion, the track unassuming yet thickly manipulative in voice and presence. In saying that, its pop rock instincts show no reservation at all, our own hollering alongside proof as the song grabbed favourite album moment.

The likes of the dramatically and inventively compelling Gaia And Theia and the blues tinged Loss On Ignition proved they were up for the fight for that best track choice, the first especially persuasive with its melodic captivation as too the rhythmically agile, hook weaving Self Confidence. It is another which had us bouncing with relish, its pop inclinations further proof of the multi-flavoured aspects of the hard/classic rock bred sound the band creates.

For all the infectious exploits shared, each song bears its own dark shadows and thoughts in lyric and suggestion, both Son Of Alchemy and The Surgeon epitomizing that union of contrasts with dexterous enterprise.     

Completed by Uranium – 238, a rhythmically worldly and spicily grooved affair for ears and imagination with the smoothest seduction, a song alone providing another reason why the album should be explored, Mind Pollution left a keen appetite for more and an equally eager anticipation of the future evolution and encounters with the young band. Their debut suggests it is going to be one prosperous adventure for them and us.

Mind Pollution is out now via Red Cat Records across usual stores.          

Pete RingMaster 14/04/2022

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