Ancient Settlers – Our Last Eclipse – The Settlers Saga Pt.1

There has been a certain buzz around and open anticipation for the debut album from Spanish metallers ANCIENT SETTLERS, the band since emerging in 2020 making a more than solid impression on ears and attention. With the recent unleashing of Our Last Eclipse – The Settlers Saga Pt.1, all the evidence to support or contradict hopes and expectations came upon us. Engulfed in a melodic death metal tempest from its first breath, the album urged only one thought; that those eagerly awaiting its arrival will be grinning.

The album is a voracious beast of sound and enterprise, a record which certainly grabbed attention by the scruff of the neck from its first moments but truly impressed over subsequent ventures into its melodically fired, sonically scalding body. With every listen new aspects revealed their presence, the term beauty and the beast apt for its fusion of contrasts and mix of feral and radiant endeavor, the album proving more compelling by the listen.

From the warrior growl of vocalist Antony Hämäläinen and the barbarous rhythmic trespass of bassist Miguel Herrera and drummer Herman Riera there is no escaping the inherent ferocity and barbarous instincts of the band’s sound and release, yet it is masterfully aligned to and contrasted by the sonic melody weaving craft of guitarists Carlos Chiesa-Estomba and Emmy Reyes and melodic enterprise of keyboardist Rene González. Their first EP, Autumnus, in 2021 gave a potent taster of the fascinating sound and its growth which has made the San Sebastián band’s first full-length one striking tempestuous proposal.

From opener Into the depths, the sextet tip over a cauldron of riffs and rhythmic pugilism to rampage and bully the senses yet as swiftly they similarly spread webs of sonic and melodic enterprise though it is the former which assumes immediate control from the album’s initial breath. The song is challenge and temptation united, an antagonistic opponent on a battlefield bearing melodic flags and seductive colours.

It is an imposing and gripping start to the album, synth woven suggestion as bold as sonic and rhythmic dispute, a template of sorts which shapes subsequent tracks within their particular individuality and creative vigour. As each song comes and leaves its imprint so the depth and strength of Ancient Settlers’ sound unfolds, the diversity of flavours and textures to its death metal breeding and electronic inclinations as epitomized within the untamed and infectious Cast in gold and Our last eclipse with its tempestuous landscape and choleric breath.

The melodically seductive Cerements again springs another hue to the release, its joyous melodic caresses leading to eddies of grooves and nests of viperish riffs, both belligerently stood over by the bullying lures of Hämäläinen’s roar.

Further senses and imagination scoring tapestries of sound and inimical confrontation cast ear grabbing adventure within the likes of Jotnar Magik and the barbarous Silent December with Library of tears eclipsing both with its sinister inclinations and mystery coated melodic intimation, itself backed in matching dexterity and voracity by the melodic pyre that is Memories, our favourite track, and The black rainbow with its melodic elegance and infernal contestation. Each track is an event of unpredictable invention and surprising incursion inimically shaped in Ancient Settlers craft and invention.

With Peregrination providing an explosive and eventful conclusion, Our Last Eclipse – The Settlers Saga Pt.1 is an attention gripping encounter which has tightened its hold over listens. With just a personal intrigue as to the potency of Hämäläinen bringing more diversity to his quarrelsome delivery to ponder, the album left us attentively hooked and ripe with new anticipation to the evolution of the promise of further potential the album offers…

Our Last Eclipse – The Settlers Saga Pt.1 is out now through Crusader Records & Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group.

Pete RingMaster 14/04/2022

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