Panjoma – Sun and Moon EP

A certain temptation soaked light was shone upon the Sun and Moon EP by the recent single release of its title track. It was a track which compelled ears and imagination towards the first release from electronic duo Panjoma in eight years and a fascination which has only grown by the listen.

Austin-based, Panjoma is the creative union of core members Mary Panjoma (vocals, keyboard, production) and Patrik Nilsson (bass, drum machines, samplers, production). It is a project which emerged in 2006 and has released two well-received albums; the last, Personacide, leaving a potent mark upon the electronic scene in 2014.Their sound is a fusion of darkwave, synth pop and atmospheric intimation, though as the new EP reveals it is a far richer composition of flavours and textures than that.  

 Inspired by “love, philosophy, and psychedelics”, the Sun and Moon EP sparked the imagination like a dream yet equally there is a dark almost sinister quality to it with its inner voice, a kind of AI like inference that provoked further intrigue. It opens with Sun and Moon (Dawn), a maze of electronic scheming swiftly bearing an acoustic and electronic invitation centred by Mary’s alluring tones.

It is an invitation awash with enthralling mystery and tempting which leads to the ever riveting Sun and Moon. The EP version of the single is a lengthier landscape of invention and temptation, its initial pulsation of sound and rhythmic enticing quickly joined by Mary’s electronically clad vocals. That mix of dreamy embracing and artificial inference is arcane like, a gentle but haunting seduction as the song slowly and with mesmeric radiance revolves and evolves like a sonic kaleidoscope. 

That feeling of a fusion between illusory yet aberrant intelligent agency is further evoked by Sun and Moon (Dusk), the track a vocal conversation within a celestial shimmer providing another spark for one’s own conjuring before Free immerses ears in a flight of electronic intimation and melodic radiance within which Mary’s words and breath casts another evocative hug of suggestion and reflection. As with many moments within the release, there is a radiant drone to the track; a nagging lure which tantalised as it hypnotised.

Through a smoky jazz lit enticement, Like Thunder emerged and quickly revealed its own electronic scenery of persuasion and intimation. The song embraces further essences of funk, pop, and indie enterprise to its noir nurtured beauty and jazz inclined imagination creating a proposal you can just sink into and swing along with without a care.

The EP is completed by Bleeding Sun, an instrumental which flickers and undulates like an out of kilter sunspot. Its body is an adventure of atypical electronic design and suggestive ambience with a physical persistence and delicious niggling all of its own.

It has been a fair while since Panjoma courted ears and the imagination but they have made up for lost time with one fascinating and compelling encounter we can only suggest you find time to immerse within.

The Sun and Moon EP is out now via GRID Discs; available @    

Pete RingMaster 24/03/2022

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