David D’Alessio – This Far Apart

In a time when every day is accompanied by viral dilemma we suggest another infection to consider in the shape of the latest EP from US singer-songwriter David D’Alessio. This Far Apart though is one to embrace, a collection of tracks which infect ears with pop fertility from within bodies of rock pop diversity.   

Hawaiian born and Arizona raised, D’Alessio draws on the variety and imagination of an array of styles for his sound, honing it into a proposition which firmly sets down its own character. He has drawn comparisons to the likes of Jason Mraz and Damien Rice but even his debut album of 2007, Songs to Undress Your Ego, was the suggestion to real individuality which the acclaimed full-length Some Girls cemented seven years later; now that distinctiveness is in full roar within This Far Apart.

It is fair to say that straight away the EP had attention gripped with opener Ain’t Looking Back with the body just as swiftly engaged through its lively pop nurtured dynamics. There is a great new wave essence to the song’s make up, a freedom bearing spirit which is matched in the potent tones of D’Alessio and the lure of smile bearing female harmonies. Equally there is certain strength to the holler of the track, an almost power pop/rock like swing with it all combined creating a slice of contagion.  

With just as much vitality Before Tonight follows, its movement eager and instincts funk like. Like all songs though it offers a tapestry of flavours, brass a flirtatious flaming across dexterous rhythms as guitars and keys provide their own imaginative tempting. D’Alessio’s vocals equally got under the skin, his voice another emotive pick-me-up essence to song and release as proven in Crazy Love, a slice of understanding and reassuring balladry. Melancholic and life affirming, the song beguiled in voice and piano alike, sharing that inherent catchiness even in its earnest contemplation.

Everything We Want hit the spot next, the song a mix of folkish pop and Americana-esque rock which quickly revealed its own pop nurtured catchiness. It too has an emotive reflection which shares intimacy and a rumination easy to connect with and a sound that greedily hooks physical involvement.

Our favourite track choice was firmly secured by Talking with My Hands, a song which almost experiments with its intentions by the second. It is a moodily seductive encounter, one as cheerfully flirtatious as it is darkly wicked, indie and dark pop entangling in its rapacious captivation with D’Alessio just as bold and adventurous in his vocal imagination.

The final pair of Spinning Bottles and Throw Yourself in Front of It (2021) brings the release to an ear enriching close. The first is another multi flavoured woven contemplation, a low key offering but one with keen liveliness in its heart and invention which hungrily gets under the skin of song and listener alike while its successor provides another captivating ballad which in word, voice and sound proved as virulent as it is emotively rousing.

It is fair to say that with our instincts being noise and ferocity inspired This Far Apart is not generally a port of call we find ourselves making but thanks to a keen nudge we have experienced one fiercely enjoyable encounter; now we nudge you.   

This Far Apart is available now @ https://daviddalessio.bandcamp.com/album/this-far-apart

https://www.daviddalessio.com/   https://www.facebook.com/DAlessioMusic/   https://twitter.com/daviddalessio

Pete RingMaster 31/03/2022

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