Spam Javelin – Point To The Dolly EP

It seems we make a habit of coming across new incitements from Welsh punks Spam Javelin slightly later than desired. 2021 saw us a handful of months late to the release of their album, The Three Chords Of The Apocalypse. This time we are only a few weeks behind the uncaging of new EP, Point To The Dolly, but we do get there and again the rewards have proved revitalising.

Once again the trio of vocalist/guitarist Neil Crud, bassist Tracey Howarth, and drummer Llion Broadbent rage at the world and specific aspects with disgust, defiance and devilment soaked in punk/hardcore belligerence. Their sound gnaws on the senses and bites at thoughts yet equally provokes a grin of pleasure in its mischievous and venomous imagination. As within their two albums to date and indeed their other propositions, the new EP offers brief but attention demanding trespasses, each track barely feeling the need to consume more than a couple of cycles of seconds yet leaving their mark with relish.

The Point To The Dolly EP opens with its title track, the swiftly enslaving song immediately leaping on the listener with steely riffs and a wiry hook. With rhythms equally as esurient in their attack, Crud is soon ripping into his target, a force of ire aligned to his addiction forging guitar enterprise and the great gnarly breath of Howarth’s bass.

A cover of the Hawkwind released, Robert Calvert written Urban Guerilla follows and again makes for a quick protagonist of ears and appetite. Spam Javelin bring the rawest aspects of its defiance and irritability to the fore, fuelling it with their own discontent and hardcore cured grievance without diluting its inherent catchiness before Bullshit Detector embroils ears for less than a minute in old school punk bred pugilistic rock ‘n’ roll. Every second is trespass and incitement and every moment proving manna to these punk hungry ears.

In even briefer confrontation Grief Whore infests and abuses listener and a social landscape, its body lean and potent and attack controlled but invasive while Rate / Like / Subscribe swings in and along with devilish dexterity amid social media echoing anxiety and urgency. The rhythms of Broadbent are athletic in their drive and toxic in their touch, captivation matched in the growl of the bass and Crud’s hook woven incitement.

The EP concludes with The Man Don’t Give A Fake, itself a muscular slice of garage punk hued rock ‘n’ roll with a punk cultured disagreement in its sound and voice. Lustily contagious but with menace in every note and move, the track brings the outstanding release to a striking close, an encounter cementing Spam Javelin as one of the UK’s most gripping and rousing punk bands. Available on CD and as a name your price download, the Point To The Dolly EP is a must.

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Pete RingMaster 01/03/2022

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