Weekend Recovery – No Guts, All The Glory

2021 saw rockers Weekend Recovery leave an indelible mark on our ears and appetite with their second album, False Company. Pretty much a year later, the Leeds outfit have now uncaged the No Guts, All The Glory EP, a collection of tracks which can easily be described as their finest yet.

Formed in 2017, Weekend Recovery has been on a potent ascent of UK rock music with a garage/punk/grunge rock sound which has been increasingly hungry for attention. No Guts, All The Glory simply demands that unbridled focus, its four tracks a host of the sharpest hooks, devilish imagination and a virulence of contagion which rivals the common cold; it all brought with another escalation of craft and invention which has been an open book in the band’s music.

The band cuts to the chase immediately with its EP opening title track, a rhythmic enticement providing rich bait to which Lori adds her mischief bearing vocal lures. Swiftly the trio are unleashing addiction forging enterprise, those rhythms continuing to swing and bite as vocals across the band unite in rapacious arousal and manipulation of one’s own participation. Sonic and electronic endeavour bring greater character and temptation to the predacious slice of garage ferocity, the song pure indulgence of rock ‘n’ roll instincts and addiction.

From one striking and inimitable masterpiece to another as It’s Obvious strolls in with punk rock belligerence and its own infectious almost predatory persuasion. As poppy as it is predacious, the track twists and turn with cunning fluidity and unpredictable prowess, Lori’s tones as dextrous and eventful as the web of magnetic sounds she prowls, it another track which simply demands and achieves eager listener company in attention, body and voice.

Blah Blah Blah makes a soulful start as Lori within the hug of keys bears her heart. Rhythms gently encroach upon the union, the song laying a knowing hand on thoughts and attention before erupting into its own edacious stroll, it too bound in a catchiness which is wolfish in its hunger to tempt. As in all the tracks, the band defeat expectations and courts surprise; its individual fuzziness a blistering of invention and varied creative flavouring which simply escalated the track’s impact and adventure.

EP closer, The Same Shame, proves Weekend Recovery as adept at a more pop nurtured adventure as they are at feral rock escapades. The song is a controlled but fiery roar of spirited balladry and pop esurience with something of a Fleetwood Mac meets Elastica hue to it, its individuality as elsewhere crafted in the band’s devilish rhythmic orchestration driving song and instinctive attention to their hook nurturing, untamed rock bred verve.

So a fine end to a glorious encounter which has only become more addictive by the listen with Weekend Recovery as they tour the UK leaving an early and indelibly impressive mark on the year.

No Guts All The Glory is out now via Criminal Records available @ https://shop.criminalrecords.cc/collections/weekend-recovery

Upcoming ‘NO GUTS ALL THE GLORY’ Tour Dates

25.3 Rough Trade, Nottingham

26.3 Santiagos, Leeds

27.3 Sunflower Lounge, B’ham

29.4 Trillians, Newcastle

30.4 The 13th Note, Glasgow

1.5 Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh

5.5 Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield

6.5 The Bridge Inn, Rotherham

7.5 The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

8.5 The Black Heart, London

17.6 Crofters Rights, Bristol

18.6 Bootleg Social, Blackpool

15.7 Hobbit, Southampton

16.7 Esquires, Bedford

17.7 Portland Arms, Cambridge

https://www.facebook.com/weekendrecoverymusic/   https://twitter.com/weekendrecmusic


Pete RingMaster 28/02/2022

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