Dead Tree Seeds – Back To The Seeds EP

With the restraints of the Covid pandemic perversely giving plenty of artists a rare and relaxed time to create, French thrashers Dead Tree Seeds busily set about writing new material for their next release. The first outing of their endeavour was recently unleashed as part of the Back To The Seeds EP, a brand new single which joins a trio of re-recorded tracks from the band’s 2013 debut album, Seeds Of Thrash. Together the quartet of songs makes for one ferocious offering, new and refreshed confrontations confirming the band as one of thrash’s prime protagonists.

Released as a limited edition EP on Music-Records, Back To The Seeds follows the Paris quintet’s well-received 2020 second full-length, Push the Button. Both bear a sound which clearly embraces the inspirations of bands such as Testament, Exodus and Slayer but instils its own individuality with a snarling breath and untamed enterprise. It is a sound which goes for the jugular as the new EP’s opener and that new track, 1796 proves.

A hungry nagging riff immediately entangles ears, rhythms straining at the leash to add their rapacious intent and swing. Soon it all breaks in a ferocious onslaught, that singular groove still coaxing and taunting ears as vocals unleash their feral discontent. The track is a web of persuasive pursuit within that tempest though, strands of sonic and melodic enterprise escalating the temptation as the infernal badgering of the senses continues. There is a fusion of the familiar and uniqueness to the Dead Tree Seeds sound no more potent than within this new trespass, a track easily stoking the fires of anticipation for subsequent adventures.

They maybe older and familiar encounters but the following trio of tracks bring a fresh breath to release and ears with their re-recorded cyclones. Set The Fire is a pyre of thrash tempestuousness, a track which has always inflamed instincts but finds another depth to its manipulation in the new EP. As mentioned, those influences are unmistakable and well devoured by song and ears alike as the French outfit twist them into their own predatory and swinging incitement.

Similarly Torture and Rage and Homage To Thrash evoke previous attraction and incite further appreciation as they storm the senses. The first has hardcore-esque rapacity to its urgent burrowing under the skin and scorching of the senses while its successor leaps from the speakers like a starved beast and gnaws on welcoming attention with gnashing rhythmic jaws and virile thrash cured grooves.  Both tracks spring upon ears with individual and united enterprise and craft; the pair bringing the release to a storming close and escalating that appetite to hear more new propositions whilst sparking a need to plunge back to past successes.  

Whether new to Dead Tree Seeds or a blossomed fan, the Back To The Seeds EP is a riotously fruitful and richly rousing encounter we for one greedily devoured.

The Back To The Seeds EP is out now via Music-Records; available @

Pete RingMaster 28/02/2022

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