Felicia – Feel Good Songs For Oblivion

We have said it before and repeat that there is something rather satisfying when the pleasure of covering one great encounter unexpectedly leads to another. Our recent coverage of the first released part of the new Midwich Cuckoos album sparked a friend of the band to get in touch with their own new release. Intrigue swiftly led to exploration and now we present Feel Good Songs For Oblivion, it too a striking encounter we suggest more than warrants your attention.

Feel Good Songs For Oblivion is the self-released debut album from British outfit Felicia and one of the most fascinating and irresistible encounters of the year so far. Originally named Felicia And The Gammon Lumpz, the Bradford band released their first EP in 2020; Twisted Fruit being quickly followed by the two track strong Punkrime. There is little more right now we can tell you about the band itself except it is led by Felicia Lumpz, who thankfully brought the release to our attention; she   a vocal and creative presence which is siren come succubus, her imagination feeding and feeding off ours as her cohorts weave webs of similarly dramatic enterprise and sinister manipulation.

 The band’s sound is a vehicle of variety; alternative/electronic rock and gothic punk within a dark metal voracity at its core but persistently exploring broader realms. In many ways it is like a fusion of Stolen Babies, Ward XVI and Troldhaugen with a splash of Diablo Swing Orchestra but honestly is unique in every aspect and deed and as the album proves with eagerness from its first breath.

Feel Good Songs For Oblivion is borne of the darkest shadows, a proposal from beyond the light with devilment in its touch and mischief in its creation yet an encounter preying on the ills and darkness within the world. Opener Oblivion sits within such depths, an introduction calling from cavernous depths and rapping on the senses and imagination, its presence intrigue and portentousness combined. It is also wickedly infectious before it turns into Pathetic Twisted Fruit, a track aberrantly moving with unhealthy seduction through ears as Felicia weaves her corrupted charms. Immediately compelling and increasingly addictive, the song sets the template for things to come if not the full theatre of the band’s imagination and creativity.

The following Revolution Business similarly has an ominous and diabolical hue to its air, emerging with flirtatious yet foreboding vines of guitar as Felicia unwinds her equally unholy narrative and touch. Every second of the song brings fresh menace and adventure, electronic rhythms a welcomed nagging trespass entangled in a guitar cast web as vocals rip into the world it all stalks.

Fiery and sonically rapacious from the first second, Gammon Lumps hunts down and swings upon the senses next, at times the song as other moments within the release slightly reminding of Animal Alpha. Of course, the drama and theatre of invention are all Felicia and her band, the rhythmic badgering and melodic toxicity as much a persecution of the senses as an inspiriting companion.

Those Eyes was under the skin in an instant next, its delicious opening pure melodic seduction which soon sheds its skin to break into a sizzling electro stroll. It is a menacing prowl though that the song imbues; whether within that calm lithe gait or in distortion lit turbulence a beast of sound and intent driven by Felicia’s similarly warped and enslaving tones.

With just as degenerate design and manoeuvring She Who Thirsts gripped ears and lust next. Its metal nurtured incursion amid deviant enterprise and intent proved hungrily irresistible as too its successor Seeds, a track swinging between pop nostalgia and feral voracity as Mephistophelian flirtation sprung from its vocal and another rich musical orchestration of one’s imagination.

Corona Isis is another weaving a broadly diverse web of flavours in its nefarious body, its character seemingly on your side but oozing menace and depravity in every corruption challenging twist and turn. With its predecessor, the track hooked our favourite moment within Feel Good Songs For Oblivion beingquickly joined by album closing Blissgiver. The final incitement of devilish captivation casts another unique web of melodic wiring amid rhythmic pugilism under the vocal reins of Felicia, another track which prowls and hunts the senses and emotions. It is an intimidating dare we say fearsome protagonist which is equally pure seduction as the band trap ears in strands of lusty imagination and chains of aberrant enterprise.

Feel Good Songs For Oblivion is a record which continued to haunt the imagination even after its departure but an encounter in person which seduced, devoured and spat us out with addiction in our veins.

 Dare you be brave, dare you be foolish, dare you open your arms to Felicia…come join us in the warped world of true pleasure.

Feel Good Songs For Oblivion is out now.

https://www.facebook.com/FeliciaAudio   https://feliciax.bandcamp.com/   

Pete RingMaster 02/03/2022

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