Feed The Wolf – A Place to Hide

Just over two years back we found ourselves taken with the first single from UK rockers Feed The Wolf, the instantly tempting Intrusion proving a potent slice of groove strapped rock ‘n’ roll with a punk kissed alternative rock bent to devilish its character. In quick time though Covid and lockdowns took hold so we heard little more about the London outfit until recently when vocalist Marina got in touch to introduce us to their just released debut EP, A Place to Hide, and no second thought was needed to accept the invitation.

Emerging in 2018, Feed The Wolf evolved through changes of band members and exploration of sound before unveiling that debut track and both have subsequently, as the new EP reveals, found further growth and invention in their creativity. It also sees a fresh line-up of guitarist Matt, bassist/vocalist Theo and drummer Steve alongside Marina, a quartet instantly seizing ears with the initial groove of EP opener Black Cherries.

Matt’s guitar weaves a haze of sound, surrounding the senses like the heat from a desert sun within which darker rhythms hint as the mirage of Marina’s tones emerge. Of course she is no apparition, her seductive tones a mix of devil and angel in temptation, wickedness and romance carried on every breath and word. Once having eventually erupting in a thick blaze, the climate of the song calms a touch as it hits its swinging stroll with a delicious predacious growl from Theo’s bass a quick addiction. Even so there is further volatility in the track’s heart which breaks free throughout the highly persuasive track.

There is something of a Blood Ceremony meets No Captains hue to the Feed The Wolf sound, joining a greater fluency of imagination and the commanding almost aggressive melodic flaming the band is adept at casting and which is just as potent within its successor. The EP title track also leaves a sultry caress on ears as it escapes the speakers, a lone lure soon making way for Marina’s ever captivating tones, but quickly joining her thought drawing words with greater heat and energy again. Equally rhythms bear a potent and masterful touch to their reserved or more urgent trespass, the song continually revealing it’s richer rock ‘n’ roll inclinations and broader blues nurtured enterprise as it sealed our favourite track choice.

EP closing Play Dead instantly presents a heavier and darker proposal but as its release companions has an infectious and mischievous prowess to its own stride and intent. The song is a flume of sonic heat and creative drama which kept ears hooked and the imagination thickly intrigued as too its unpredictable intentions. There is a sense of menace to the track also which maybe is not as invasive as we might have liked but the song had us hooked with increasing greed to bring one fine release to a richly pleasing close.

With a feeling that the band and in turn we have still to fully tap the depth of their imagination and creative boldness, A Place To Hide is an ear grabbing, pleasure stoking next step in the again released emergence of Feed The Wolf. Roll on the next call of their dance with devils animated rock ‘n’ roll.

A Place To Hide is out now; available @ https://feedthewolf.bandcamp.com/album/a-place-to-hide-ep  

https://www.facebook.com/feedthewolfmusic   https://www.instagram.com/feedthewolfmusic/

Pete RingMaster 18/02/2022

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