Summoning the Shameless

     With an unmistakable familiarity to the tap at the door, anticipation and intrigue joined ears on alert as we rushed to open up a new bundle of adventure courtesy of our friend Shauna of the great band Ummagma and Shameless Promotion PR. As is tradition, her suggestions of encounters to explore led to the swift pressing of play buttons and now to share with you, we pluck out a handful of singles, treats epitomised by…

     Grasp The Stars, the new track from Beauty In Chaos, is another outing with the Michael Ciravolo created and curated melodic/gothic rock project which gripped ears which drew attention like a beacon of adventure.

The song is taken from new album Behind The Veil, a 33.3 Music Collective released encounter featuring all-female guests including Tish Ciravolo, Cinthya Hussey, Whitney Tai, Elena, Alice Fossi, Pinky Turzo and, as upon the single, Betsy Martin.

Instantly an atmospheric but physically imposing presence escapes the speakers, Grasp The Stars emerging as a fusion of dark and light around an equally as dramatic rhythmic incitement. There is a brighter infectiousness to it though which shines upon the electronic and sonic tempestuousness brewing. The song’s sense of upheaval is echoed in Martin’s emotive tones, her voice and breath as eventful as the sounds around her and as compelling.

History has proved that Beauty In Chaos singles have been potent draws to bigger adventures and the powerful and imagination gripping Grasp The Stars is no different as certain exploration of Behind The Veil beckons.

    Equally enthralling is the new track from Danish electronic artist Silent Cure who has just released his debut album, An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams. He is an artist who also invites guests to bring some of his instrumental creations to vocal life and Silent Love Song sees Barcelona-based artist M-Ana helping draw its heart and breath to ears.

The Copenhagen hailing artist draws on varied essences for his electronic imagining, the likes of pop, rock and jazz rich inspiration and indeed Silent Love Song bears a kind of shoegaze/cinematic radiance to its ambience and downtempo character. Yet there is a lively catchiness to its presence too epitomised in M-Ana’s voice, her harmonic beauty an angelic radiance within the track’s shadowy but dreamy soundscape of intimation and temptation.

Like a dream within a translucent reality, Silent Love Song is a romance of sound and seduction of enterprise, a drift into the fuller temptation of An Electronic Jazz Punk Passage Through Dreams which is going to be impossible to ignore.

    Another electronic artist with an album and single to tempt attention is Texas-based Paris Music Corp., a project creating imagination stoking soundscapes from another varied palette of flavours.

Paris Music Corp. is the moniker of experimental and ambient composer John Andrew Paris and releases its self-titled full-length this month. Light Speed is a track epitomising the instrumental prowess and suggestiveness of Paris’ composing and creativity, a track which weaves a cinematic realm to immerse within but equally a corporeal catchiness which is just as manipulative.

With a Mick Karn meets Gary Numan hue to the darker edge of its ethereal suggestion and the dramatic escalation of its inherent danger lit intrigue, the single proved a spark to imagination’s conjuring and a captivating pleasure to ears.

    With debut album, Immortalised on the near horizon, Irish songstress Ava Vox releases a new tempting for that anticipated offering in the potent shape of the single Alone Again.

Originally Dublin hailing and the persona of Elaine Hannon who previously led mid-eighties gothic rock/post-punk band, The Seventh Veil among many projects, Ava Vox recently gripped ears with the track Crash and does so again with her gothic rock/post punk/alt rock sound through Alone Again.  

The track immediately bursts from its initial melodic lure with a robust but skilfully designed proposal where familiar essences unite with fresh and new invention within its dramatic body, the vocals of Vox just as eventful and compelling. There is a Siouxsie Sioux meets Patty Smith meets Lene Lovich quality to her tones and a hue of The Cure and The Mission to the melodic roar of the song which only adds to its captivation and increasing persuasion.

Alone Again is a powerful enticement of a song which was under the skin in swift time whilst sparking real intrigue for that first Ava Vox full-length.

   Lastly we suggest a checking out of the new Rodney Cromwell single, Opus Three. It is a new coaxing for his new March 18th Happy Robots Records released album Memory Box, a slice of indietronica designed to spark the imagination and dancefloor.

The song is an animated spring of sound with a moog crafted breath of enterprise which echoes the hope and shadows of “disconnected lovers trying to conjure optimism as the world stands on the brink of apocalypse.

London-based Cromwell (the nom de plume Adam Cresswell) brings a certain earthiness to the weaves of melodic and electronic radiance he conjures, darker hues which are just as ripe in his catchy vocals and lyrical intimation.

It all makes for a richly magnetic proposal with a sense of shadowy almost ominous horizons, realms seemingly further explored in the single’s caliginous B-side, Perception Management, a richly atmospheric instrumental with dystopian orchestration to its suggestion; both tracks providing strong reason to be intrigued by Cromwell’s upcoming album.

Pete RingMaster 24/02/2022

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