Led By Lanterns – Paralysis

With potent reputation building tour slots alongside the likes of Normandie, Mallory Knox and WSTR to date and a sound which is as infectious as it is rapacious, UK alt-rock quartet Led By Lanterns has sparked keen anticipation in a great many for their first album. Now that debut is here and fair to say Paralysis does not let hopes, the band’s growing brigade of fans or their potential down.

Robust and resourceful in its character and virulent in its aggression and enterprise, Led By Lanterns’ sound nestles alongside the likes of You Me At Six, Young Guns, There For Tomorrow and Normandie but has already revealed an individual character which Paralysis suggests is only at the start of its adventure. The album has a roar and emotive dispute which is intimacy and observation united, an open heart fuelling songwriting and music which bears its own dextrous tempest. Listening, even with its richness and invention, you can only feel there is plenty more to come in the band’s evolution which given the enjoyment of Paralysis is something to eagerly anticipate.

Many guests join the band across Paralysis with Tobi Duncan (Trash Boat) featuring on album opener Alive. Looming in from the distance, the track immediately flared with melodic fire and creative enterprise with the fine vocals of Shaun Hill at the centre. The blaze of sound and emotion continued as guitarist Chris Lanterns spins his web of temptation and drama, the rhythmic prowess of bassist Rob Hawkins and drummer Snake a potent framework. 

It is an intense and compelling ear gripping start which the album’s title track cements with its own cauldron of angst and fever. A landscape of anxiety drenched calms and volatile squalls ensure an eventful and magnetic engagement, the track a searing incitement in turn matched in prowess by DXWN. An electronic shimmer engages ears as Hill strikes a chord with thoughts in voice and word, the song mixing its own controlled reflection and inflamed reactions with again the harmonic union of voices as proven in its predecessor’s radiant hue.

Through the likes of Criminal and Disconnected there was no lessening of intrigue and enterprise, the first an animated and inventive uproar of heart and craft with its own restless moments of tranquillity. Its successor relishes the pop aspect of the band’s invention more than most yet it too has raw energy and aggressive passion which leaps from the speakers, both tracks a mix of the familiar and unique which kept ears and imagination busy, qualities just as open within the rhythmically animated and emotionally ablaze Six Feet Down. The track sees WAVED guesting and it too reveals an electro pop and slight boy band-esque quality which adds to its pull.

The explosive Catacombs rivalled earlier contenders for favourite song, its eruptive body perpetual enterprise and raging emotion brought with if not unique certainly individual imagination and ear grabbing twists with the following Satellite providing a combustible ballad which never settles in its disquiet or predictability, the band’s metal leaning rock imagination springing another striking proposal which as the album has impressed further by the play.

The final pair of Fever and Good Enough brings the release to a fine close, the first with a tapestry of sound and creativity which kept assumptions on their toes and ears on high alert, the suggestive threads of atypical sound and imagination in the background especially compelling.

With Mercedes Arn-Horn guesting, the last track eventually took that best track choice, the duet between Hill and the captivating tones of Arn-Horn irresistible and draped in similarly emotive sounds cast with restraint but feeling and again that imagination which shapes one richly enjoyable encounter and that suggestion we have only just scratched the surface of Led By Lanterns.

With passion maybe the strongest flame across Paralysis, one which the band has taken to their creation of The Lanterns Alliance, a community via Patreon where the band can really connect with their fans, the album left us with a real appetite for future offerings and if we are honest though that mix of the familiar and unique we said it bears stands, it only leans further toward the latter with every listen.

Paralysis is out now

Upcoming Live Shows:

15.04.2022 – Bristol, Rough Trade

16.04.2022 – Birmingham, The Flapper

17.04.2022 – London, The Black Heart

19.04.2022 – Newcastle, Head Of Steam

20.04.2022 – Glasgow, Garage Attic

21.04.2022 – Manchester, Satan’s Hollow

22.04.2022 – Leeds, The Key Club

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Pete RingMaster 28/01/2022

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