Neuropsy – Vivisection Of The Demented

A release which has stalked our attention and psyche since first feeling its voracious presence is Vivisection Of The Demented, the new EP from Portuguese death metallers Neuropsy. It is an encounter which certainly caught an inherent appetite for it’s kind of old school nurtured but inventively fashioned incitement in quick time yet drawn by lingering lures it left behind it has been subsequent and regular listens which has fully revealed the rich qualities and enterprise in its making.

Hailing from Setúbal, Neuropsy was formed in 2016 and soon set about releasing a first EP within their first year and their debut album in 2018. Three years in the making, time which saw a line-up of vocalist Fábio Abenta, guitarists João Martins and Flávio Kebras, and bassist Jorge Leitner in place, Vivisection Of The Demented is their next offering, a striking encounter surely set to awaken the broadest attention.

Concentrated around the theme of “the human fragile psyche”, the EP is a collection of tracks which forge tapestries of senses devouring, psyche twisting fomentation drawing on and reflecting mental issues such as depression, dementia, and schizophrenia. Familiarity and uniqueness of sound collude with creative imagination and surges of unpredictability within the release, certain craft and dexterity fuelling all from the moment opener, Breakpoint, sets things off. The intro embraces a sample within predatory grooves and feral rhythms, menace and contemplation entangled in the instrumental baiting of ears and interest.

It is an anticipation awakening start which leads into the waiting jaws of Unsettled Seed of Existence, a track which equally enters with an air of intimidation to its imposingly infectious welcome. Grooves soon wind around the senses as rhythms cast a bitter harassment, their predacious attraction swiftly joined by the voracious throat blistering tones of Abenta. It is a track which gripped ears with invention bearing twists and turns between passages of pleasure tunnelling grooving, proving a visceral beast prone to melodic inclination and sonic aberrance.

A Clockwork to Dementia follows and features Fredrik Söderberg from Soreption in its tempestuous body of feral voracity and melodic contemplation. Equally as, but even more so than its predecessor, that unpredictability in the band’s songwriting provided an intriguing and thickly stirring fascination, the kind of endeavour which has kept us keenly coming back to the release.   

Merciless in its breath, forcibly nimble in its dynamics, Needle Thrusted Sanity invaded the senses next and whether inhumanely driving through ears or twisting around like a demonic gymnast it seared the compelling esurient invention of Neuropsy upon the imagination before melodically seducing with matching captivation through the opening drama of At the Verge of the Mirror. It is an invitation which soon turns into ravening confrontation, prowling and stalking the senses as a corruptive waltz with corrosive resourcefulness in its veins.

Completed by the primal and insidiously toxic Mutated Humans, a senses corroding slab of rock ‘n’ roll greedily devoured, Vivisection Of The Demented has proven an increasingly gripping and impressive proposition, one for fans of old school and new traits bearing death metal alike. 

Vivisection Of The Demented is out now via DyMM P&M: available @

Pete RingMaster 25/01/2022

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