Browbeat – The Showdown EP

Standing toe to toe and eye balling those which rule our lives and the corruptive multinational powers which persuade theirs, Italian hardcore/metallers Browbeat release The Showdown EP.

Formed in a small town near Modena in 1998, Browbeat has earned legendary status within the Italian hardcore scene through their releases, their formidable and inspiriting live performances and a ravenous metal infused sound which has proved as contagious and rousing as it is angrily ferocious. Returning in 2017 after a decade away, the outfit soon proved they had lost none of their power and anger with Remove the Control, an album revealing time had only intensified the band’s sound and enmity with authority. The Showdown EP feeds off and pushes that discontent again; its four tracks rabid furies of emotion and rebellion within feral invention.

The Real Face kicks the release off, an opening sample stirring the discontent before waves of grooved riffs tunnelled through ears and into the psyche. Vocalist M.V. stands in the midst of the delicious nagging, rancor dripping from every syllable as the rhythmic spite of drummer Nicholas Badiali punctuates every pugnacious breath. The guitars of Luca Cocconi and Matteo Usberti continue to weave ear gripping threads and groove metal trespass across the song, the punk intensity of voice and discontent soaking all.

The great start is cemented by the EP’s title track, Mirco Bennati’s bass an irritable pleasure luring keen attention into the waiting trap of emotive grievance and manipulative rhythmic restlessness. Again melodic and sonic toxicity match animosity in presence whilst the band casts twists of enterprise and unpredictability keeping these ears greedy.

Equally as feral and combative, The Call Of Falldown roused hungry attention and emotive contemplation, it’s grooved almost thrash-esque nagging irresistible within the similarly incessant and persuasive rhythmic intimidation. As the sounds around them, vocals carry an anthemic swing and dispute loaded aggression to only escalate the potent creative tempting and hardcore raucous uproar of the song.

Before closing out with the brief and captivating Bleeding Age, an atmospheric sample surrounding instrumental and outro to the release, Browbeat treated us to a fiercely enjoyable cover of Sepultura’s Slave New World. They draw on its instinctive power and enterprise loaded attributes but equally bring out its rawest aspects to create an individual but just as grievous wrath fuelled protagonist on the world.

The only disappointment found with The Showdown is that by its close ears and appetite are only hungrily greedy for much more of its pleasure but pressing play swiftly again soon alleviates that niggle and cements Browbeat as one of Europe’s most compelling incitements.

The Showdown EP is out now.  

Pete RingMaster 24/01/2022

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