Spray – Ambiguous Poems About Death

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In unveiling Ambiguous Poems About Death, UK electro duo Spray have released a release which, from start to finish, homes in on the instinct within feet and body to move and the heart of fun which lies within.

Their new album is the successor to the acclaimed 2019 Failure Is Inevitable, a release which established their dance pop electro sound as ambitious as it is instinctively infectious and as spirit warming as it is imaginatively dramatic. As was its predecessor, Ambiguous Poems About Death is released via Analogue Trash and sees the duo of Jenny McLaren (vocals, guitars) and Ricardo Autobahn (synths) cast webs of inviting intrigue and senses enlivening adventure and as their new release proves, it is a sound for the dance-floor and a spark for smile bearing contemplation, a sound resourceful in its enterprise and eagerly fun in its invention.

Immediately Ambiguous Poems About Death beguiled as opener, Blurred In The Background, called on ears like a siren. That harmonic invitation leads to an animated slice of synth crafted disco pop infection, a contagious dance of sound within an atmospheric and crystalline sky further graced by McLaren’s captivating tones. Reflection and thoughtful composure unites with energetic movement and eventful electronic tempting across the great start to the release, it setting out the template for pleasure to come.

There is at times a celestial breath to the first track which is soon fully ventured within the following Félicette (Space Cat). It too aligns the calm and imagination of voice and lyric with a dance motivated weave of pop flavouring, cosmic pop with an earthly heart within an adventure voyaging tale. 

The swinging gait and cheerful grin of Mindless Insincere Ooze quickly got under the skin through its dynamics and devilment, an invitation which is slightly at odds to its lyrical and emotional contemplation though it too subsequently draws on the same energetic and hope loaded instincts of the sound to shape its conclusion. The song adds another aspect to the album and band’s sound as too next up It’s an All Skate with its crepuscular light and resignation toned examination of the world. It is an evocative ballad but with its own urge of infectious movement in electronic beats and Autobahn’s instinctively lively sounds.

The outstanding Hammered in an Airport continues to get the spirit and vocal chords swinging as it first did as a single a few months back, the song with a virulently nagging sound suggesting freedom of time and deed should be our destinies. There is great eighties and nineties seeding to the song’s synth pop and repetitive inclinations, a recipe of atypical endeavour with a touch of Talking Heads-esque indie invention to it while Ted Talk brings an even richer indie rock/new wave element to its electronic stroll and leave me alone intent and individuality, the track another vying for best song choice.

Enough of the Small Talk, Where’s My Money? opens with something of a Visage like hue to its sound though soon casting its own character in sound and enterprise with a fine Euro pop bubbling and appetite before Get Normal embraces similar essences in its philandering dance pop exploits and seemingly celebratory but grounded ruminations; it a libertine of a song to match its inner protagonist.

Through the defiant casting off of disappointment gathering romance of Douche Canoe and The Emergency Exit Man with its intrigue loaded flight of sound and mystery, Spray continued to hold ears and pleasure firm, both songs providing further reason to leave the outside world alone while with the release with The Big Idea and its musing on those who bring the world innovation for only big corporations to take the glory adding greater drama and captivation to the affair. It is a song which is orchestral in its breath and melodically intense in its character but again with a lightness of soul and spirit which is pure infectiousness.

The closing We’ll Look Back on This and Laugh similarly has an underlying snappiness which coaxes movement as too its sway inducing melodic craft within a melancholic sunset. This is too a track which swirls with drama and suggestion as it brings the release to a compelling end.

Ambiguous Poems About Death is a record which brings fresh breath and energy to electronic and pop bred invention and an encounter which fans of both and just good songwriting should be exploring.

Ambiguous Poems About Death is out now via Analogue Trash; available @ https://spray.bandcamp.com/album/ambiguous-poems-about-death

http://www.spraypopmusic.com/    https://www.facebook.com/spraypopmusic   https://twitter.com/spraypopmusic   https://www.instagram.com/spraypopmusic/   

Pete RingMaster 03/02/2022

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