Loud Apartment – New Future

photo by Michael Black

Mention NYC-based funk art collective Loud Apartment and an instinctive twitch in the body and spark in the imagination seems to arise within us thanks to the incitement of their previous encounters and surprisingly there was nothing different when news of a new outing came forth. New Future is the band’s third album and successor to their 2020 released and highly acclaimed and manipulative System Breakdown. The new offering brings more of the same fusion of funk, soul, rock, and dub with further essences including hip hop and reggae embraced which made those previous encounters so potent an influence on body, imagination and thoughts. Yet again though expectations are cast aside and adventure boldly pursued as New Future hooked us in.

Loud Apartment is the creation of vocalist/musician/technologist Nevaris A.C, a project starting in 2008 and as with the last album, he has linked up with the legendary Bill Laswell who again produces and plays bass on the new record. With a line-up completed by turntablist DJ Logic, Peter Apfelbaum on flute and sax, guitarist Will Bernard and drummer Lockatron, Loud Apartment create a contagion of feet and body manipulating sound around a roar and insurgency of words upon a world corrupt and mismanaged; a two-pronged incitement at its core which sweeps up all aspects of captivation with its craft and imagination.

Simply said, New Future had us bouncing and barking in tandem and in swift time as Rhythm and Rhyme sets things off. Resonance clad rhythms and dub spurted inserts hits ears first, the rhythmic coaxing already in hips before Nevaris A.C strolls in with his ever potent tones. The expected bite and snarl is in his words but this time around they focus on the hope which can be shared in a time of global and intimate anxiety and with varying resourcefulness across the release.

With flames of sax and the hypnotic throb of Laswell’s bass aligning to the wind carried threads of guitar, the track only sunk deeper under the skin, its infection irresistible and funk bound dexterity riveting before making way for Technology. The second track bears a sense of drama and consternation in its opening keys, one which brass and rhythms soon embroil in their more exotic designs. As with all songs there is a collusion of decades in its design, inspirations woven into the fabric of the track’s soulful beauty and funk bred gait as Loud Apartment spin their own web of contemplation and motivation.

Blessing is next and instantly serenading ears with a soulful breath as its gentle swing took hold of the body. A darker breeze joins the song’s instinctive radiance as keys weave an atmospheric proposal alongside an Apfelbaum blown melodica. Part seduction, part haunting and thoroughly transfixing, the song unites dark intent, tension and future bearing hope as contrasting shades of light merge in its spell.

The following Rebellion is nurtured in the same weave of emotional and creative differences in its invention, keys gently dancing with the senses as rhythms bring a more forceful incitement alongside thought evoking vocals. Quickly proving a strong lure for ears with its understated but richly persuasive shuffle, attention was only escalated with the guest tones of Garrison Hawk; his distinctive style escalating uniqueness of enterprise swiftly gripping the senses.

The release is completed by Dub versions of its first three tracks, Dub Rhythm leading the way with the touch and imagination of casting a kind of echo of the original which repeats with persistence in the imagination and memory. Its walls vibrate and tone resonates in many ways escalating the dilemma of the original whilst matching its inherent contagion.  

Equally Dub Technology and Dub Rebellion had us involved and fascinated; each more than a mere version of the originals, all the while adding and twisting with new adventure for a similar yet individual captivation.

It has always been a pleasure to explore and dance with a Loud Apartment proposal and New Future is no different whilst providing a hope wrapped smile to equally unite with.

 New Future is out now; available @ https://loudapartment.bandcamp.com/

https://loudapartment.com/   https://www.facebook.com/loudapartment   https://twitter.com/loud_apartment

Pete RingMaster 28/01/2022

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