Great American Ghost – Torture World

With the world and its injustices, social and intimate, stirring the nest of discontent within US hardcore outfit Great American Ghost, the Boston based band send a blistering attack across the beginning of the year with the Torture World EP. It is a spiteful four-track fury crafted with imagination, animosity and enterprise and for these ears the most striking incitement from them yet.

 As with previous releases, the band’s sound is seeded in old-school hardcore instincts and passion but greedily embracing further inspirations and flavouring and, like with its predecessors, keenly growing and evolving in imagination and craft again within Torture World. Unpredictability has also been further nurtured within the release, twists and turns which catch out expectations within each track’s individual hardcore and metal influenced tempests and even if you sense they are coming surprise all the same. 

Produced by Will Putney (A Day To Remember, Knocked Loose, The Amity Affliction), the EP  opens up with Kingmaker and immediately entangles ears in wiry grooves and rapacious riffs, their delicious irritancy aligned to the rapier swings of drummer Davier Perez. As quickly, while vocalist Ethan Harrison vents, guitarist Niko Gasparrini springs melodic and atmospheric insinuation around yawning grooves, all the while industrial resonance and intimation adding to the inventive drama of the song.

The track proved quickly addictive, a striking start to the EP which its title track matches with its own predacious stalking of the listener loaded with feral emotive dispute. Caustic and corrosive from its first breath but equally as seductive and spirit affirming across its mercurial and tempestuous body, the track scorched and blistered with ravenous hunger yet aligned that to its own particular web of unexpected and unconventional hardcore imagination; a death metal leaning only escalating the fascination and pleasure.

A toxic kaleidoscope of sound and craft from the first second, Womb follows. If it is not stalking the senses it is devouring them and when not savaging them with corrosive rancor the track haunts their every fibre with dissension bound discord, that potent disharmony matched in the textural invention. 

Death Forgives No One similarly embraces that aberrant enterprise, its menace and invasive inclinations crafted with punishing directness and psyche twisting conception which wrong foot and captivate with every twist and turn. Again melodic asides bring infectious enticement within the aberrantly designed and imaginatively presented track, its carnal and seductive inclinations woven into one esurient incursion on listener and world alike.   

The Torture World EP had us wholly hooked and further embroiled in its formidable and consummate enterprise with increasing listens, instinctive pleasure turning to lustful addiction as Great American Ghost cemented their position as one of the world’s finest hardcore stimulants.

Torture World is out now via MNRK Heavy.

Pete RingMaster 24/01/2022

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