Through The Noise – Tragedies

Through The Noise – Tragedies

As we await the second album later this year from post-hardcore metal band Through The Noise, the Swedish outfit share their sophomore EP, Tragedies, to whet the appetite. The release consists of three tracks written with that forth-coming full-length in mind but songs which stood out with their Greek Mythology influenced characters to earn their own release, guitarist Marcus Skantz recently adding, “We just wanted to get something out to the fans quickly since Dualism was released (what seems like a lifetime ago) back in 2019. We didn’t want people to have to wait until mid-2022 when everything else was finished

Thankful for that their fans will be for Tragedies is a striking protagonist for ears and imagination which swiftly ignited an already in place and keen anticipated for that future encounter. Produced by Robert Kukla (Hammerfall, The Unguided, Dream Drop) the EP opens with Tantalus, the track shimmering into view until in full-sight to then prey on the senses with power and intrigue. That fusion of post hardcore and irritable metal which fuels the Malmo hailing band’s creativity bears its fangs from the start, shaping a ravenous trespass which as the senses is bound in sonic and melodic vines woven in rapacious enterprise and instinctive discontent. There is irritancy to the song which is as intoxicating as it is toxic too, it all creating an enmity of sound and intimation hungrily devoured.

  The following Aktaion makes a gentle entrance though it soon erupts in rhythmic pugnacity and sonic contention. As in its predecessor, vocalist Jowl Nyberg scowls and roars with feuding intent but, as with the rhythmic prowess of bassist Martin Lingonblad and drummer Peter Liwgren, grievance brought with contagious craft and antipathy. Similarly Skantz and fellow guitarist Victor Adonis spring invasive and gripping webs of enterprise, every note as descriptive in suggestion as the track’s lyrical contemplation. 

Lamia completes the release, its relatively composed body and reflection hunted by a psychosis which springs from each subsequent evolution in its drama. Once more the band’s hardcore and metal nurtured aggression is as brutal as it is compelling, the atmospheric leaning of their post hardcore instincts adding greater intensity to intimation and physical discord.

It provides a fine end to an outstanding release which in no time ignited a sense of impatience for Through The Noise’s new album and an impression that 2022 will be their year. 

Tragedies is released January 21st via Eclipse Records.

Pete RingMaster 20/01/2022

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