Collect Call – The Golden Hour

Photo by Tan Le

With the release of new single No Amount of Medicine, we like many others were drawn to The Golden Hour EP from whence it was taken. It comes from UK electronic dreampop / indie pop project Collect Call and offers a four-track reflection of a heart deep in angst, anxiety and reaffirming hope.

Brighton-based, Collect Call is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Joseph Thorpe and swiftly drew attention and high praise with debut single Rain: Stop mid-2020, Pretense following suit later that year. Both songs unveiled the richness of Collect Call’s expressive sound and its infectious tempting which The Golden Hour further embraces within its more experimental and intense soundscapes.

Embracing the help of collaborator Kianna Blue (The Academy of Sun) throughout , the EP opens with Chase The Light. As it gently shimmers into view there is a potent sense of thoughtfulness in its melody and contemplation in its air which is soon echoed in Thorpe vocals. A darker bass like electronic hum courts the radiance around it, dark and light uniting within melancholy and positive ambition in the breath and imagination of song.

It is a magnetic start to the release, an elegant yet hauntingly intimate proposal quickly followed by the similarly arising but richly individual musing of Simple. There is romance in its air and enterprise, reflecting the lyrical question it poses as again Thorpe’s imagination engages in unpredictable and inventive twists. It all creates a tapestry of sound and emotive brooding which captivated with resourceful ease.

Favourite track was firmly seized by No Amount of Medicine and its myriad of textures and glistening melodic enterprise. Inescapably catchy within its low key urgency, the track proved a serenade of ear and imagination, its hooks deep lying and atmospheric intimation riveting. With almost progressive leanings in its invention, the track is an enthralling slice of post pop with the caliginous depths of its heart in collusion with its brightest instincts.

Completed by its title track, a somnambulistic drift through shadows and dreamy contemplation, The Golden Hour proved a fascination and pleasure like few others. It is a release which reveals and gives more for ears and thoughts to engage in by the listen whilst confirming a new richness in the already alluring Call Collect sound.

The Golden Hour, as new single No Amount of Medicine, is out now; available @  

Pete RingMaster 20/01/2022

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