Innadaze – Too Far EP

A release which has been out a fair while but only just crossing our hearing courtesy of the band, specifically guitarist/vocalist Enzo Annecchini, the Too Far EP is another outing with UK outfit Innadaze which simply demands keen attention, once give the opportunity of course.

Based out of Bradford, Innadaze has been rather quiet since the release of this EP and its striking self- titled predecessor a couple years back. Now as they begin stirring back into the swing of things, Covid allowing of course, they are reminding us all of their potential and prowess with a new thrust behind Too Far. With its line-up completed by drummer Billy Lockwood, guitarist Daniel Greenhalgh, and bassist Ato Leo Ame, Innadaze provide further proof that their sound is one of adventure and temptation.

As proven again by the Too Far EP, it offers a web of flavours and textures beyond the Psych Grunge tagging their sound gets, one embracing the lures of shoe gaze, noise pop and more in its imagination. The EP opens with its title track, and instantly teased ears with a steely guitar hook which nagged at instinctive passions. As the track opened up its enterprise, it continued to entangle lustful attention though the even tempered rhythms and grunge bearing alt rock exploits of guitars equally held keen court. Annecchini’s warm tones similarly were a magnet in their character and sway, the track proving addictive in all aspects and the finest outing with the band yet for these ears.

Even so, the following pair of Space Child and Fade Into Haze made ease of their firm and full hold on attention and pleasure. The first strolls in with an almost sullen expression upon its breath, a moodiness which flirts with the menacing even as its harmonic reflection and fiery emotiveness spreads. Shadows court its every breath yet equally there is an emotive glow that bears warmth and reassurance which is similarly assumed within the creative twists of the infection loaded song.

Its successor is reserved in its entrance, guitars a tender caress bearing a firmer pull the further into the track ears are easily drawn. Like a forceful whisper, song and vocals court the imagination, every twist and turn adding greater intrigue and fascination to the song. There is also an underlying tempestuousness which breaks from the shadows at certain points to influence subsequent moves and emotive reflections within the enthralling offering.

The Too Far EP is superb, potential and prowess in a union which had ears hooked and appetite licking its lips so if like us you missed it when it first emerged we urge a quick exploration; eager intrigue for what comes next as well as pleasure a sure reward.

The Too Far EP is available @

Pete RingMaster 07/01/2022

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