A.W.A.P – Bigger Society

We may be into a new year but there is still plenty of goodness to thrust your way from 2021 in these pages with the Bigger Society EP from UK ferocity A.W.A.P to the fore. It is a five track tempest of sound and life blistered attitude which takes the listener by the scuff of the neck and drops them into a cauldron of discontent, in sound and breath.

A.W.A.P (Ant Walking Alligator People, a term given by survivors of Hiroshima to people horrifically disfigured by the atomic blast) is an Ipswich hailing offensive on the senses with a rapacious incitement that dares you to tag its uproar and laughs in the face of any suggestion. Punk, hardcore, noise punk and metal all collude in its truculence yet there is a groove and contagiousness to it which flirts with less imposing but no less tempting essences. It is voraciously feral rock ‘n’ roll and as proven by Bigger Society one striking and increasingly gripping proposal.

The EP opens with its title track, a fury seemingly bred in a mixture of Motorhead, Discharge and D.O.A. From its first breath the song lures attention with a confrontational air, it’s opening a relatively calm but imposing inducement which soon erupts in a hellacious, no mercy given uproar. The bone shaking swings of drummer Aaron Boast take no prisoners as the wiry shackles of Aaron Sly and Dan Beadle’s guitars wrap the senses with their own barbed tempting. With the thickly gnarled bassline of Benny Jones further enriching the baiting, vocalist Matt Mason hollers and snarls at the centre of the increasingly addictive protestation; it all making for one rousing trespass.

What Would Samuel Pepys Say? swiftly follows and barely takes a breath before it is caustically abusing the senses and igniting the appetite for abrasive, addiction loaded punk ‘n’ roll. Every riff and rhythmic punch is menace tempered and primed to exploit savage instincts within, Mason’s vocals again an irrepressible enmity of word and emotion but it all honed into one infectious and venomous incitement before Flat Earth prowls the listener with carnal restlessness. Again a relatively controlled start to a track is a deceit into a quickly following furnace of craft and disaffection. In no time the song burrowed deep, its hostile eruptions within perpetual dissent in breath and rapacity another contamination of catchiness and grooved spite, it with its predecessor claiming our favourite moments within Bigger Society.

Hummus Don’t Scream, with a title surely destined to grace a low budget cult classic movie at some point, is next, the track a minute of rhythmic manipulation and sonic provocation led by another great whipping up of old school punk instincts led by Mason’s vocal dissension which equally put a firm claim for best EP moment.

Completed by The Peasants Aren’t Revolting, a final predatory stalking of the senses leading to a rush of emotive and physical abuse bound in an irresistibly infectious swing and uncompromising challenge, Bigger Society finally released its vitriolic grip to leave a just as greedy hankering to be embroiled in its unforgiving enterprise and infernal pleasures once again.

Certainly striking upon its first assault, by the listen Bigger Society has only further impressed and pleasured the punk forged, metal burnish, noise inflamed dirty rocker within.

Bigger Society is out now; available as a name your price download @ https://awap.bandcamp.com/album/bigger-society-2

https://www.facebook.com/Antwalkingalligatorpeople   https://www.instagram.com/awapuk/

Pete RingMaster 07/01/2022

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