ten56. – Downer: Part 1

Put past and present members of Betraying the Martyrs, Uneven Structure, Novelists FR and Kadinja together and what do you get? One mighty tempest of sound and carnivorous temptation with a debut EP is the answer. Downer: Part 1 is the striking introduction to nu-deathcore band, ten56.and one that brutalised the senses and devoured the imagination for one of the most compelling debuts in a long time.

The band was formed in 2020 by former Betraying the Martyrs frontman Aaron Matts and Uneven Structure drummer Arnaud Verrier. Soon the line-up was completed as the pair brought in close friends in guitarists Quentin Godet and Luka Garotin, and bassist Nicolas Delestrade. Working on the project for the past year and evolving a sound bred in the imposing ingredients and textures of deathcore, nu-metal, industrial with more besides, ten56. now unleash their carnal ferocity and destructive appetite.

Downer: Part 1 erupts on ears first with Exit Bag, the track making a deceitfully calm entrance before seconds later erupting with vicious intent. That low key introduction to the song bears a portentous breath yet only hints at the cauldron of sound and animosity to come. Vocally and sonically the track is a raw consumption, rhythms a lethal incitement from the off but swiftly the striking imagination and compelling horde of twists and turns to come across the release are uncaged. The track continues to take the listener through destructive tempests and unsettling calms, each more imposing than the one before and all increasing in addiction.

As consumptive and damaging as it was, the first track is only the appetiser to greater viciousness and creative violence as Diazepam prowls and stalks its victims. On the surface it seems a more merciful protagonist but with every acidic groove and debilitating trespass, the song scorches the senses and scars the psyche; each turn into fresh industrially hued, death metal kilned invention loaded with voracious discontent.

As again epitomised by the following Shitspitter, the Paris based quintet breed their abrasive and harmful fertility with sharp craft and venomous enterprise, an animatedly dextrous resourcefulness which alone provides a canvas of adventure for the imagination to feast upon. The third track is a greedy cauldron of varied styles and flavours all woven into the band’s predatory design and infernal discontent, again every second as absorbing as it is enjoyably wearing.

Favourite track honours go to Sick Dog, a predator in sound and voice stalking the listener with its own aberrant intent and enterprise. Guitars surge with toxic restraint as rhythms similarly hunt the senses, industrial surges a warning to and spark for the disease in the song’s heart. Feeling a victim before every ruinous essence and malevolent ingredient, we devoured the track and with greater urgency as the already impressive encounter freed firstly Boy and finally Kimo with ravening intent.

The first is an emprise of sadistic enterprise and creative blood thirst, a pitiless coming of age bearing murderous ruthlessness spun in a web of grooved toxicity and rhythmic imposition. it is all honed into another gripping and virulent corruption while its successor, uniting devious restraint and hellacious trespass, scorched another individual scar and pleasure upon the senses.

Downer: Part 1 was manna to these ears and unsurprisingly drawing just as lusty acclaim elsewhere  since its recent uncaging. So dare you brave the hellish prowess of ten56., a band surely destined to cast their rich infernal shadow over the metal scene.

Downer: Part 1 is out now via Out Of Line Music.

https://www.facebook.com/ten56hq   https://twitter.com/ten56hq   https://www.instagram.com/ten56hq/

Pete RingMaster 02/12/2021

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