Shrinari – Hold On To The Hope, Though

photo by Jethro Tanner

As beguiling as the landscape of the world it explores, Hold On To The Hope, Though is the new album from British-Spanish indie neo-folk duo Shrinari. A collection of songs written over the past few years, across a time when the world has seen its relative calm become more than turbulent, it is a reflection and vision of a changing world fuelled by optimism, hope, and an embrace of, even in dark times, the beauty our planet and its bounty shares.

 London-based, Shrinari is the creation of vocalist/lyricist Lucidia Omamori and guitarist/producer Rafael Marchante Anguloa and its music a kaleidoscope of melodic light and adventure woven from an array of flavours. Across Hold On To The Hope, Though, the pair also draws on the invention and craft of numerous guests to give further character and enterprise to their organic creations. It is a proposition which echoes the multifarious tapestry of our planet in its design and voice for an exploration equally as diverse as ethereal and organic textures embrace. Aligned to this expansive observation is also an intimacy of experience and emotion which only accentuates the spiritual impact and captivation cast.

Hold On To The Hope, Though opens with New Light, Lucidia immediately caressing ears with her enchanting tones. The compelling breath of cello and imagination stroking intimation of guitar swiftly add to a captivation which was instant and further escalated by Preetha Narayanan’s violin as it aligns with Asha McCarthy’s cello. Enthralling from its first touch, the song opens up the journey and worldly view of the album with wonder bearing charm.

Drawing on the past as much as the future, uniting both in its contemplation, Ancestral Fire follows in succession and enthralment; the song with its soulful brass and the mesmeric shimmer of Rafael’s guitar a crystalline almost haunting serenade upon the senses.    

It is a rich tempting which continued to seduce as the fascination thick rumination of the superb Desert Path and Reminisce with its folkish celebration unveiled their enterprise. Both tracks in their tantalising individuality epitomise the inherent pop catchiness of Shrinari’s music and its varied hues as again magnetically revealed within next up Standing Rock. Featuring the vocals of Heren Wolf alongside Lucidia, the song is a funk aligned stroll of sound and spirit led by the rhythmic enticement of the album’s drummer, Edu Olmedo. A tango of sound and breeze of spiritual light, the track enthralled as sublimely as its predecessors.

Again past and future are entangled as Listen Up compelled ears next, its shamanic rhythms and future contemplation bound in the melodic and sonic drama of the now. Observation and hopeful suggestion wrap its honest heart and wonderfully animated imagination before Soul Calling (Sweet Medicine Remix) provides a celestial observation point to contemplate on the earth, its future and opportunities. As all songs, it offers hope and encouragement to amend and heal the ills observed whilst simply pleasuring ears with melodic and harmonic splendour.

The album closes with The Gift, a gentle and calm enticement casting a tapestry of voice and music which again provides a heartfelt message bound in just as suggestive sound. A richly rapturous reminder for thoughts and pleasure for ears of nature’s own bounty, it brings the release to a graceful and irresistible conclusion.

Enthralling and heartening from start to finish, Hold On To The Hope, Though is simply glorious, an evocation of pure pleasure and the world we should relish and take care of before we end it.

 Hold On To The Hope, Though is out now; available @  

Pete RingMaster 16/12/2021

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