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    As we said in our recent round-up of singles put our way by Shauna of Shameless Promotion PR, it was a big bundle of possibilities that she had discovered. So much so that, with a few deep breaths in between, we are swiftly back with another handful from that gathering to spark your ears and imagination just as they have ours.

    First up is Blurred In The Background, the new single from British dance-pop electro duo Spray. The track which comes from the pair’s new album, the Analogue Trash released Ambiguous Poems About Death, is an animated slice of synth crafted disco pop infection which gathers in ears and body and takes them on a contagious dance.

The band is the creation of siblings Jenny McLaren (vocals, guitars) and Ricardo Autobahn (synths), a duo which from the release of their first full-length, Living In Neon, in 2002 have been an eager protagonist of the dance-floor and many electro pop appetites.

Blurred In The Background is a contrast of restraint and keen energy, a song which rises up on a celestial shimmer and radiantly harmonic beckoning before casting its body in a swirl of enterprise.  It never quite erupts into a suggested uproar but never relinquishes an instinctive vivacity in sound and breath whilst vocally and lyrically sharing a more grounded reflection.

An enthused instigator of feet and enjoyment, Blurred In The Background joins its fellow album predecessors in providing an exuberant invitation to attention and Ambiguous Poems About Death, it and the single available now.

     As previous singles, Don’t Need Anybody, the new track from New York rocker Dmitry Wild is seeded in the pandemic and as things maybe are getting back to some state of normality, he hesitantly says, it is a fillip of encourage and feel good sound in celebration of freedom whether from the virus or any intimately oppressive experience.

With the experience of fronting 10 bands of his own and collaborating with the likes of The Cramps’ Jungle Jim and Vladimir Komarov from the iconic Russian band Punk TV, Wild has found keen attention and praise with his solo venture over the years. He has bred a sound which unites the flair and swagger of 70’s vintage rock with the feral instincts of garage rock and the direct confrontation of punk. As proven on recent singles and now Don’t Need Anybody, it makes for a compelling proposal with variety at its heart.

The new just self-released offering is a spirited encounter, from its first breath a bouncy incitement with a bold arrogance in challenge and confidence which fuels its sonic craft and rhythmic goading. As we said it is a rousing invitation to join a celebration of the positive in oneself and life; a slice of inspiriting rock ‘n’ roll, providing a dextrous soundtrack to a summer of upturn, which of course we all hope continues though it is facing more big challenges as we know.

     Lying somewhere between a rapturous dream and an esurient nightmare, the new single from dreamscaper AMMO provides one of the most haunting propositions in recent times. A Cold War City is an ethereal protagonist of ears and imagination; dark and dystopian in many ways yet equally an embrace of ethereal beauty within a cinematically atmospheric vision for one inescapable captivation.

Co-produced and recorded with Alex Posell, Ammo’s former Black Flamingo band mate, A Cold War City is a track looking at the fickle nature of human memory and how time sees a rewrite as fiction encroaches recollection. It is the successor to her acclaimed track Rose + Crown from earlier this year and brings another aspect and adventure to a sound and creativity which though embracing the inspirations of artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Adrian Borland, Dead Can Dance, Cranes, Cocteau Twins and Enya continually reveals its own distinctly individual breath  and character.

Dark clouds immediately descend on the senses in the song, the rhythmic prowess of Posell simultaneously threat and manipulative temptation. From within, the siren-esque tones of Ammo draw ears and thought into the shadows of the track where beauty and seduction lie. Mesmeric in every way, yet foreboding in a sense also, the open intimacy of the song and the exploration of its theme imparts even darker suggestion within thoughts, it’s almost droning insistence adding to the fixation and fascination it invites; the December 10th, Mourning Sun Records released A Cold War City enthralment from start to finish.

    That is a reaction we have also come to expect when taking on singles from Beauty In Chaos as, putting their acclaimed albums aside, the Los Angeles-based alt rock / post-punk collective have persistently sparked our ears and imagination over the past few years with moments of instinctive captivation and they have done so again with The Kiss of The World.

The new single features the vocal prowess of Italian vocalist Elena Alice Fossi, the front woman of Kirlian Camera. Beauty in Chaos creator and curator Michael Ciravolo has an instinctive knack in finding the right voice for his diversely woven rock/metal musical exploration and vice versa as proven across releases featuring a vast host of singers and indeed an array of notable musicians, the likes of Zakk Wylde, Ashton Nyte, Wayne Hussey, Al Jourgensen, Evi Vine and Rolan Bolan among them.

A fusion of dark rock, post punk, and dark wave, The Kiss of The World conjures a realm of shadows and suggestion. It has a dystopian air yet equally a compelling beauty which draws the imagination deeper into its intimation cast landscape. Siren and narrator, Fossi escalates every aspect with her tones and words, each breath shared as seductive as they are tempest bearing, an underlying chaos of sorts which erupts in electronic and sonic crescendos across the track.  

Out now via 33.3 Music Collective and taken from forthcoming album Behind the Veil, set for release next February, The Kiss of the World proved a compelling fascination and another striking encounter with Beauty In Chaos.

    Lastly we offer you Hitherto for investigation, it the new single from TRAVIS DUO and taster of their new December 10th released album, Hypnagogia sharing a collection of “improvisations based on a set of line drawings and diagrams drawn during lucid dreams. Aptly titled ‘Hypnagogia’ (\.hip-næ-‘gä-jia. of or pertaining to the period of the transitional state between waking life and dreams: hypnagogic hallucinations). “

TRAVIS DUO is the collaborative project of Brooklyn-based underground music veterans Jarvis Earnshaw (SYRINX-Series, Question, Harbinger) and Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas) for which the pair also draw on the craft and imagination of many artists including saxophonist Devin Brahja Waldman (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thurston Moore, Notable Deaths), drummer Niko Wood {Shake The Baby Til The Love Comes Out}, and xylophonist Sean McCaul (Philip Glass Ensemble ‘Naqoyqatsi’).

Hitherto welcomes renowned jazz veteran Daniel Carter (Yoko Ono, Sonic Youth, Jaco Pastorius, Yo La Tengo, William Parker, Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra) to its compellingly organic and suggestive exploration; an investigation of the pair’s imagination and equally that of the listener. Restraint and intimacy fuel its weave of sound but only to enrich the intimation cast upon thoughts, undertones and sparks of atypical sound interpreted in our own ever evolving storytelling of its instinctive adventure.

Certainly Hitherto is not a track for all, its glorious discord of strings and evocation of brass maybe an experience too far for many but for those that like to have their imaginations sparked and ears taken to new unchartered places we can only fully recommend.

Pete RingMaster 06/12/2021

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