Maybe we have a few connections loose inside our own sanity but The RR has always found encounters fuelled by apparent or open madness liquor for our instincts and there is no escaping the craziness and unstable imagination that fired the new album from German metallers WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER. That kind of creative deliration can also so often burn out on ears and appetite within many propositions, encounters never quite holding grip of the heights they forge from beginning through to their end. Das Album? No worries or deficiencies there just perpetual skilled bedlam!

 With Das Album actually being our introduction to the band we have resisted comparing it to their previous moments of deviancy which seem to have lustfully thrilled and disappointed people record to record, letting it speak for itself. The new offering from WBTBWB itself though has been described as the band back after six years and “back to their roots.” We will leave others to agree or disagree but the release does see the founding duo of Marcel Neumann and Tobias Schultka back together, the latter re-uniting with the former after a fair time away from music and the re-ignition of a chemistry which we are informed was before and definitely now is voraciously riveting.

WBTBWB cast webs and cyclones bred in a fusion of death and electrocore, to repeat a tag most regularly used but swiftly a sound revealed as a kaleidoscope of styles, character and dementia. It is a tempest of provocation and incitement, so often a predatory onslaught with dervish like animation but equally a melodic and electronic contagion with its own unique aberrant nature. Humour and mischief fund so much of the invention and personality of the album’s body yet equally as in the opening Das Album Intro and closing Letzter Song, there can be suggestions of emotive drama and atmospheric angst to absorb.

In between it all entangles with unpredictability and a mayhem which almost deceives the guile and craft shaping the invention. Straightaway Dreh Auf! and 20 km/h devour the senses, the first a carnally bestial incursion gnawing on the bones of sanity with virulently carnivorous intent, a call to arms for frenzy, with the second a ravenous electro romp more akin to Father Ted than Speed if you get what we mean. Savage and dance-floor incendiary simultaneously it and its predecessor epitomise the madness and deliciousness of Das Album.

Vocals are just as dextrous and unhinged as the sounds they prowl, the previous track and likes of the primal N!CE and the increasingly intolerant DAF meets Trio-esque Sprich Sie Einfach An irresistible examples, the pair as raving in throat as imagination.

As the likes of the rabid Schreibwarenfachverkäufer, the murderous electro urging of Jump ‘n’ Run and Piks Mich with its mercurial and inescapably catchy toxicity came, infested, and left their sanity corroding seeds so our addiction to Das Album grew greedier. It was quite simply an intoxication every track within the thirteen song infestation earned.

Das Album is crazed, absurd and self-perpetuating genius much like the everyday world and imagination of We Butter The Bread With Butter themselves we suspect.

Das Album is out now through AFM Records; available digitally and on CD @ https://shop.afm-records.de/new/2415/we-butter-the-bread-with-butter-das-album-digipak-cd with Ltd Ed CD and Ltd Ed Vinyl box sets maybe still available.

https://www.wbtbwb.de   https://www.facebook.com/WBTBWBofficial/   https://www.instagram.com/wbtbwb_official

Pete RingMaster 13/11/2021

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