Loose Sutures – A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales

Courting the imagination like the soundtrack to an anthology of sexploitation nursed stories within a Sergio Corbucci woven landscape re-envisioned by Robert Rodriguez, A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales is the new album from Italian rockers Loose Sutures. Ten fuzz woven exploits make up its dirtily compelling body of sound and suggestion for an experience which left the senses feeling sweaty, sticky and enjoyably soiled.

From Sardinia, Loose Sutures formed in2019 and unveiled their self-titled debut album the following year. The release introduced a wider world to the band’s mix of stoner and garage rock with punk and classic seventies influences. It made for a nostalgically fresh temptation which was as rapacious as it was contagious; a fuzz coated, riff driven and groove woven cauldron of sound, now in full glory and devilry within its successor, which made us feel dirty whilst eagerly welcoming more and more of its salacious molestation.

Consisting of guitarists/vocalists Antonio Pilo and Giuseppe Hussain, bassist Marcello Meridda and drummer/vocalist Marco Angius, Loose Sutures set the scene and tone of the release with opener White Vulture. It slowly moves in, prowling with a creative smirk as keys and percussion cast their atmospheric intimation. Equally, guitars draw aspects of suggestion with heated melodies, all the while the instrumental continuing to take its time if with increasing yet only slightly discernable urgency.  In time a blaze breaks out to unveil the true breath of the release and its sweltering climate and descriptive toxicity.

The following pair of Stupid Boy and Sunny Cola set the benchmark in temptation and infection, the first a nagging treat of rhythms and hooks fuelled by garage punk misdemeanour. It is superb and more than matched by the seductive tendencies of its successor; its surf meets stoner philandering irresistible even as its inner fire erupts with senses scorching coarseness.

Their impressive heights certainly does not mean the rest of the release lurks in their any shadows though, the likes of Last Cry with its own flame lit courting and the devil spawned Mephisto Rising sculpting their own ear gripping, appetite stoking incitements. As throughout the release, the attention grabbing individual craft of the band unites for increasing sinful pleasure, the last especially an epitome of that as too the likes of the feral seventies funk kilned Superfast Shit Kebab and the rousingly manipulative Death Valley I.

Each track within A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales left us feeding on pleasure and the imagination weaving its own adventures alongside the band’s particular tale of mystery and lusty endeavour. So want to get a little dirty? Then come join us and Loose Sutures with no cold showers in sight.

A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales is out now via Electric Valley Records; available @ https://loosesutures.bandcamp.com/album/loose-sutures-a-gash-with-sharp-teeth-and-other-tales


Pete RingMaster 13/11/2021

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