The Tuesday Club – Redemption Song

Though its members have continued to be creatively busy with their various projects even as Covid took hold, it feels like a lifetime since we stomped around with new incitement from The Tuesday Club for company. But as strains of normality return and bands can begin tearing up stages again, the UK alternative rock’n’rollers are about to uncage a new single as they again begin bending floorboards with their live energy.

Since forming in 2011, the St. Albans, Herts/North London hailing band has released a trio of albums and a host of EPs and singles which defy convention and predictability. Their sound is a fusion of indie and art pop, punk and rock ‘n’ roll which equally dares you to tag it and then laughs in your face at the attempt. It is devilish, mischievous and constantly proven hell of a lot of fun, revelry cast with instinctive and inventive craft as proven by their eagerly acclaimed last album, the 2018 released Art is Magic. Similarly live they have proven rapscallion and irresistible, sharing stages with the likes of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Dreadzone, Space, Gene Loves Jezebel, My Life Story, Department S, Toyah, B-Movie, Spizz Energy, Scant Regard, Bad Manners, Vangoffey & The Society and so many more over time as well as making attention grabbing performances at numerous festivals.

Now, as we say, they are back with a two track new single and a support show with My Life Story, which will also play as the release party for new single Redemption Song. The song is one the band originally recorded back in 2014 but was shelved after the untimely death of drummer Terry ‘Super’ Cockell. Always knowing it had to have its moment, The Tuesday Club has returned to it and had it “…spruced up with new vocals and a 21st Century revamp” for a new and fresh adventure.

Featuring the band’s line-up at the time of original recording of vocalists Andreas Vanderbraindrain and The Minx, bassist Beautiful Wolf, keyboardist Rogerio Marauder, guitarists Wasabi and JRod and of course Cockell (a.k.a. Telski) and produced and engineered by Steve Honest, the track entices with feral riffs first and immediately after ear grabbing rhythmic incitement, they almost warrior like in their touch. There is an instant grumble to the song which aligns magnetically with the infectious tones of AVBD and the warm throated caresses of The Minx, guitars and keys adding ear grabbing individuality as the band weaves an inescapable enticement of their uniquely familiar and never predictable sound.

The track is accompanied by Hand Of God, which sees AVBD on vocals and guitar, Rogerio sharing bass and keys, Wasabi and JRod weaving with guitars and The Minx bouncing drum bred out rhythms whilst providing ever potent backing vocals. The track is quite simply a delicious romp, prime Tuesday Club enterprise driven by rhythmic manipulation and pop punk revelry. At times it is akin to a mix of The Tea Set and Spizz Energi, an old school punk/new wave instinct nagging protagonist with a big grin on its mischievous doings.

The song is superb, an inhibitions freeing incitement which had the body bouncing, voice hollering and the voice of the Tuesday Club devil on the shoulder guiding subsequent antics and as a whole the Redemption Song single is a glorious return of The Tuesday Club and our lustful appetite for their kind of shenanigans. In a time when real fun has been in scarce supply, the minstrels of rascality are back to reset the balance.

Redemption Song is released December 10th digitally via and on Ltd Ed CD which will be on sale at the Tuesday Club’s show supporting My Life Story the night before, December 9th. Check out the band’s website/profiles for ticket details.   

Pete RingMaster 25/11/2021

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