Bleed Again – Resurgence

Already riding a wave of increasing acclaim and attention these past years, UK metalcore outfit Bleed Again have just unleashed new album, Resurgence. It is a snarling, raucous and voraciously sonic affair with a fertile hand on melodic and ear grabbing enterprising which we can see not only continuing but escalating the band’s success and reputation.

Though emerging at the end of the 2000’s it is fair to say that the Brighton band really made their mark on broad praise and attention five years later as they earned opportunities to share stages with the likes of Soil, Darkest Hour, Devil Sold His Soul, King 810, Death Remains, and Feed The Rhino. Debut album Momentum only escalated both with its release through Sliptrick Records in 2017 with the Transition EP turning up the dial in acclaim and prowess two years later. It is a rise sure to be driven forward again by Resurgence, an encounter which gripped from start to finish and revels in a whole new maturity and dexterity in the band’s songwriting and sound.

Resurgence is a beast of a record, a cyclone of sound and emotion unafraid at times to reveal its tender side and a more emotively intimate heart. It opens with Prevail, drifting in from within a distance mist but soon entangling ears in a lure rich groove and almost as quickly a surge of sound driven by rapacious rhythms. The track is a tempest of metalcore and punk, the fury of the latter fuel to the former’s guile and evolving character. Vocally too, it is an animated insurgence of discontent and defiance, a predatory uproar setting a lofty bar for the release to walk along.

It is a challenge soon met by next up Survive and matched within its cauldron of irritability and ferocity though it too has an inherent catchiness and warm toxicity which springs fertile moments of vocal and melodic captivation. As its predecessor, the song bruised and seduced with unbridled voracity, alone showing itself more than capable of drawing new ears to the album which its successor Sign of Fire has already done as a companion single. It is probably fair to say that this track did not spark the same heights of greed as the previous pair yet there was no escaping its skilled infection loaded manipulation and the fiery craft of the band in its making; the lack of delicious ruthlessness shown by the opening pair only missing yet it more than pleased.

With Victim eyeing the listener up as such and treating them to a barbarous assault of feral and melodic ravening and Memories soothing the wounds with its opening elegant caresses, the senses and imagination was fed further adventure to feast upon, The latter from that opening coaxing revealed its own mercurial body of sound and intensity but a proposition never far from boiling point and relentless in its ability to surprise and fascinate.

A breath was taken as the short but evocative instrumental Reflection took ears on a melodically woven, atmospherically intimate flight of thought before Divine Life dragged them into a spiral of grooves and barbarous rhythmic provocation. It was a striking and addictive start from which the song bred further compelling temptation, it too a fusion of voracious enmity and more temperate beauty cast with adept craft and passion while The Execution proved just as irresistible in its ravenous start and subsequent gale of crabby endeavour for another major favourite moment within the album, both tracks and especially the second leaving the senses battered, breathless and animated.

Cursed is just as sadistic and irresistible, a brutal but galvanic rancor of sound crafted in cancerous riffs, inspirited grooves, and dual driven vocal incitement. It actually proved impossible to truly settle on best track choice and again this song was another standing alongside all candidates with resourceful and gripping daring.

The album closes out with the fiercely magnetic Forgotten Ghosts and lastly an acoustic take of Sign Of Fire, the first a final deluge of rhythmic animosity, sonic corrosion and infectious melodic flaming, it all matched by the equally tempestuous and alluring roar of vocals.

Though gripping and impressive straight away, Resurgence has only grown in impact and fixation by the listen with Bleed Again proving themselves one compelling force within the UK metal scene.

Resurgence is out now.

Bleed Again live:

Dec 3rd – The Pig – Hastings,

Dec 4th – B2 Venue Norwich,

 Dec 18th – The Black Prince – Northampton.

Pete RingMaster 11/11/2021

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