Dig Lazarus – Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time

For a fair while there has been more than a praise loaded whisper accompanying the emergence of UK rockers Dig Lazarus, a persistently growing roar around a host of tracks which have also earned keen fan and radio support as well as broader media attention in recent times. In their distinct ways, each has suggested that the band’s moment to break the borders of major attention were imminent. The past couple of years has further evoked that success but it is a knocking on the door which we now suggest has become a mighty kick through Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, a debut album that declares the time of Dig Lazarus is now.

From Nuneaton, Dig Lazarus consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Ash Tustain, vocalist/bassist Atticus Hall-McNair and drummer Jack Cotterill, a trio who met as teenagers and have gone on to shares stages with the likes of The Virginmarys, The Brew, Idlewar, Crobot, Massive Wagons, and The Amorettes with the band. Musically, Dig Lazarus creates a roar forged in a mix of alt and stoner rock with more than a flush of punk to it. As Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time reveals, it is a proposition relishing the variety in its flavours and is bold in its contagion fuelled rock ‘n’ roll intent whilst carrying a mischievous grin in its enterprise.

The Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, Terrorvision) recorded and produced album opens with Sermon, a brief introduction given by Jesse Hughes from The Eagles of Death Metal setting the intent to come; it’s are you ready to face the uproar challenge quickly backed by the following Road Runner. Straight away the track is winding a compelling groove around ears as rhythms bring forth their own manipulative prowess. It is invitation and daring combined; a song which leaps upon the rocker inside and pulls him to the feet to join its inescapable punchy contagion whilst merging something slightly familiar with Dig Lazarus individuality and creating one invigorating incitement.

 The impressive start only escalates its pull through the outstanding Never Change, a track equally as gripping in its catchiness and dynamics as grooves enslaved and vocals stirred up keen involvement. It is a predator in many ways, stalking the senses each time before launching its addiction springing chorus with infectious voracity, it all the while cored by that devilish groove.

Tell Me Why is next up, the song that first introduced us to Dig Lazarus back in 2018 courtesy of our dear friend Emma at Pluggin’ Baby, it one of the band first major attention grabbing offerings. It too is a swinging infectious of riffs and rhythmic stimulation, both matched in vocal encouragement as the song continues to ignite our eager appetites just as it did those few years back while Satisfied reveals a blues rock bent in the band’s songwriting whilst offering its own fiery stroll of contagion.

Both songs keenly hit the spot though eclipsed in the passions by the punk nurtured Dexter, a voracious tempest of predacious rock ‘n’ roll which never leaves a second or breath bereft of incessant nagging and dextrous enterprise. There are numerous major highlights in a landscape of lofty peaks within the release, it one of the most potent for us.

The infection punchy DTMWAGT merges power pop and alternative rock next, its catchiness composed yet equally slightly feral and again a proposal impossible to resist before Feel and in turn Joker caught the imagination and again the eager bounce of the body with their respective pop rock and groove webbed hard rock styled bodies. There is no escaping a certain Foo Fighters/Queens OF The Stone Age essence to the Dig Lazarus sound at times with these three maybe epitomising that yet each reveals distinct individuality in presence and sound all the same.

As the classic/blues rock scented Keep It Clean and Sky Tonight with its tenebrific yet bright fusion of spirited alternative rock and virulent rock ‘n’ roll captured ears, Dig Lazarus further cemented their demand on attention and lusty acclaim, a hunger for both only accelerated in turn by Outlaw and its plaintive southern rock tinged call.

Featuring Ally Dickaty of The Virginmarys, Time Froze brings the album to a fine end, it too with a southern hued breath that from gentle contemplation erupts into a muscular swagger of sound and earnest understanding; a heart bred incitement which by every twist and turn becomes more deviously compelling and addictive.

Quite simply, Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time is fun, craft and spirit raising enticement in one boldly unrelenting arousal, the kind of release you go to when needing to be re-invigorated or simply to be riotously pleasured. So indeed the time of Dig Lazarus is now. 

Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time is out now; available @ https://www.diglazarus.co.uk/store

https://www.diglazarus.co.uk   https://www.facebook.com/diglazarusUK   https://twitter.com/Dig_Lazarus  


Pete RingMaster 28/10/2021

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