Dick Venom & the Terrortones – Lost & Live in Salford

Though you could describe Lost & Live in Salford as much a sadistic immorality as an unexpected prime cut treat it is without any reservations one of the year’s most greedily devoured sinful misdemeanours. The album comes from UK rockers Dick Venom & the Terrortones and features a host of newly re-found live cuts from the Nottingham quartet who at best hopes are now on a hiatus but seemingly have dissolved their rascal shenanigans. They have been sorely missed with their acclaimed 2015 album, SnakeOil for Snakes, the last infernal pleasure from them. So Lost & Live in Salford is a mouth-watering incitement to stomp along with but as said also a kind of abuse as it rubs in just how much the delinquents have been missed by so many.

The album’s title gives you all the info for the release, this collection of stage malpractices from the quartet of Wrex St. Clair, Steevie Vee, Dusty Vegas and of course Mr Venom himself recorded in 2015 by Jim Watts of The Fall. As well as a host of fan inciting, praise gathering songs and releases, the foursome also earned a fierce reputation for their uncompromising, lust stoking live shows which led to them sharing stages with the likes of The Meteors, The Rezillos, Bad For Lazarus, Demented Are Go, Lawnmower Deth, The Radiacs, Vince Ray & The Boneshakers and a great many more. Lost & Live in Salford is a riotous epitome of that prowess; a sweat flinging, bad habits driven riot of the band’s psychobilly, garage punk, surf, punk and glam rock melded sound; quite simply rabid rock ‘n’ roll to let loose with.

Subsequently mixed by Will Wilkinson of Fritch, and mastered by Andy Wright (Rag’N’Bone Man, The Fall), the album unleashes nothing but fan favourites sure to send any show into turmoil though you could describe any Terrortones track as both we have found over the years. A raw insight to what made them one of the most exciting and addictive propositions, the album bristles with the likes of the notorious such as I Can’t Find my Braincell and Dead DeadBeat Delinquent, the gloriously messy in Tight Pants and Sticky Pants Trance, and the downright infamous as highlighted by Go Fuck on the Sidewalk and Gun of a Tongue.

Inspirations to the band have always been an open book, The Cramps Johnny Thunders, and The Stooges among them, and again extra richness to the unwholesome individuality of the band in full vent within Lost & Live in Salford.

So quite simply, the album is a must for their fans and anyone with an appetite for salacious crimes against propriety or quite simply feral punk assed rock ‘n’ roll and while the pangs of loss have been re-fired so was the dirty lust we hold for the corruptive goodness of Dick Venom & the Terrortones.

Lost & Live in Salford is available now via https://terrortones.bandcamp.com/


Pete RingMaster 13/11/2021

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