Amongst Liars – Kill The Tide/Crucify

Releasing news of their first UK tour a few days back, Amongst Liars celebrated with the release of their new single; a two track encounter which alone makes catching them live irresistible.

We have pretty much been there on the release of every single since the UK outfit officially emerged during 2020 lockdown, courtesy of our dear friend Emma at Pluggin’ Baby. Now another in SaN’s Garry has sent the next instalment of Amongst Liars’ ascent up the British alt-rock scene and fair to say the adventure has only gained greater momentum.

With keen and frequent radio play welcoming earlier tracks and a David Radahd-Jones (Heaven’s Basement, The Fallen State, Death Blooms) produced first album due early next year, times are ripe for Amongst Liars’ compelling sound and its mix of alternative rock and heavier yet contagion loaded inclinations. As we suggested, the new single has upped the ante in potency and creative drama though Kill The Tide from the release is actually a re-working of the very first song the band wrote together in late 2019 but never previously released.  

For whatever the reason they bided their time with Kill The Tide it adds to result as the song infuses the band’s evolving creativity with its originality. The track stands at a slight distance initially, tempting and luring with guitar and voice until stepping into the fore with all the prowess of a prize fighter. Rhythms jab as riffs harass, the vocals of Ian George recalling the beginnings of the band whilst musically the track blossoms with new venture bred in previous successes. It is a muscle and sinew cast uproar equally skilled in melodic flames and composed sonic enterprise; it all ferociously manipulative.

Crucify almost taunts with its opening bass lure, one soon stood side by side by again George’s compelling presence and vocal incitement. Erupting with the whole band weaving a cyclone of trespass between webs of ear gripping enticement, the track is a cauldron of temptation. With a chorus which demands participation, metal nurtured incursions, and spirals of sonic adventure not forgetting Rage Against The Machine-esque devilry, the track as its companion is finest prime rib Amongst Liars fed on even greater creative feed and with Kill The Tide thickly compelling.

The Kill The Tide/Crucify single is out now.


19th November 2021 – The Grove Theatre, Eastbourne;

24th November 2021 – The Water Rats, London;

25th November 2021 – The Thunderbolt, Bristol;

26th November 2021 – Albert’s Shed, Telford;

27th November 2021 – Asylum 2, Birmingham;

28th November 2021 – Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield;

30th November 2021 – Gulliver’s, Manchester.

 Tickets for shows can be obtained via –

Pete RingMaster 21/10/2021

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