Turn Cold – Break Your Faith

Merciless in its assault and toxically irritable in its breath, Break Your Faith is the debut EP from US crossover thrashers Turn Cold. It is another proposition borne out of the isolation of the Covid pandemic and fired by the discontent with the state of the world and the apathy that surrounds it, one taking no prisoners in its grievance.

From Atlanta, Turn Cold is the creation of vocalist Sten, guitarist Brett, bassist Twitch and drummer Matt and draws on the inspiration of legendary thrashers such as Metallica and Slayer and the just as influential hardcore prowess of bands like Cro-Mags for its invasive sound. And invasive it is, the three tracks making up Break Your Faith surging through ears like belligerent cyclones leaving them ringing and the senses harshly buffeted yet equally it is addictively contagious and inescapably rousing. Uniqueness and familiarity battle and align within the EP, settling on a unified trespass to ignite and incite.

The EP explodes on ears first with its title track, immediately harassing ears with riffs and punching the senses with its rhythmic spite as Sten’s vocals holler. It is a malicious nagging which quickly found an eager home, the bass adding thick malice and temptation to the punk soiled incursion. It is an outstanding start to the release, maybe its greatest moment, certainly our favourite with its incessantly infernal pestering and sonic persecution but soon challenged in all aspects by the following Delusion Solution.

The second track stamps its presence, authority and fractious nature down straight away, striding in with flailing strands of guitar and an ill-tempered breath. Vocals only escalate that tetchiness though it is tempered by the melodic acidity of the guitars before it cannot hold back its choleric bearing no longer. The track is a pyre of thrash and groove metal spite, again a constant intrusive badgering as arousing as it is disorientating and fuelled in hardcore crabbiness and feral dispute.

The End of My Rope concludes the encounter, the track a caustic and corrosive onslaught which never relents in its persistent assail; a slight industrial tinge only adding to the riveting confrontation. Again Turn Cold infest the primal annexation of the senses with threads of melodic venom and unpredictable imagination, each adding to the creative theatre that never gives the listener a break in the implacable despoiling of the senses and sanity.

Break Your Faith is a demanding encounter which will seduce or break the senses, probably both in truth but for some will breed a lustful greed; welcome to the camp.

Break Your Faith is out now; available @ https://turncold.bandcamp.com/releases

https://www.facebook.com/turncoldthrash/   https://www.instagram.com/turnt.cold/

Pete RingMaster 21/10/2021

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