Cherym – Hey Tori

To give further energy to thick attention and acclaim beyond their already seduced Northern Irish landscape, Cherym have just uncaged new EP, Hey Tori. Bearing all the aspects which have already held court over local fans and media and since began stirring the broader UK appetite, it is a fiery slice of the band’s invigorating pop punk rock ‘n’ roll, but more than that, it is one addictively raucous and melodically inflamed roar of sheer pleasure.

Hailing from Londonderry, the trio drew on the inspirations of bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Bikini Kill, American Football, PUP and Pixies as they burst upon the boys-own local landscape a handful of years back. From the release of 2018 debut EP Mouthbreatherz, the threesome of Hannah Richardson, Nyree Porter and Alannagh Doherty have courted greater praise and increasing success just as their sound has grown and blossomed into what, within Hey Tori, is one bold indeed voracious incitement.

EP opener Listening To My Head provides all that any newcomer to the band needs to recognise the eager temptation fuelling the Cherym sound. From a calm beginning, the song rises and erupts in a rousing slice of rock ‘n’ roll, its infection loaded swing and riffs shaped trespass pure involvement from which there is little escape. Familiarity and fresh invention unite in a track soon casting its own identity, a creativity epitomising the whole of the EP which the following Kisses On My Cards with its more predacious edge and the carnival energy of We’re Just Friends both relish with individual character and enterprise.

That individuality applies not only to the band’s sound but equally each song alongside another, Gone Girl a plaintive but inspirited proposal which from thoughtful reflection erupts in contagion fuelled fire with the EP closing She’s A Lot Going On an incessant nagging of enterprise and dexterity not to mention imagination which had the body and spirit bouncing like a puppet.

Just as evocative and emotive as it is defiantly raucous and inescapably addictive, Hey Tori is a pop punk pleasure not to be ignored.

The Hey Tori EP is out now via Alcopop! Records.

Pete RingMaster 14/10/2021

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