James Domestic – Faze Out

James Domestic – Faze Out

The hardcore scene has never settled in voice and invention over the years and that is especially so of UK hardcore over the past decade. In fact that particular hunger and appetite to push creative boundaries can be traced back to the unique trespasses of bands such as The Fall, Swell Maps and The Mekons; the kind of propositions poking at issues before hardcore fully erupted in its own right and began vociferously spotlighting and gnawing on all aspects of social injustice and governing incompetence and dishonesty. It is fair to say that recent years have seen a major eruption of imagination within the UK with greater vocal discontent going hand in hand. One man persistently can be found at the centre of that eruption and that is James Domestic, frontman of The Domestics. Name the likes of Pi$$er, Tokyo Lungs, Hazard Profile and again he is to the fore in voice, songwriting and irritability with many other projects sparking thought and pleasure too. Now we have the debut solo single from the man and no surprise it too is a one of a kind incitement that commands eager attention.

The first single from his first James Domestic full-length, Carrion Repeating, and a track that like an itch has nagged away at lust from its first touch, Faze Out is a striking incursion upon the senses. Its press release suggests that James blends the likes of post-punk, Krautrock, psychedelia, soul, funk, reggae, and of course hardcore in its emprise of invention, a statement which alone had us greedily intrigued and a curiosity his first track more than escalates. Call it electro aggro, post punkcore, crustpop, all names we make up but offering the clues to the song’s ferocious attack.

Faze Out emerges on a sonic pulse which quickly erupts into a marching nagging of sound and discontent. Keys buzz like a malicious hornet with control of their venom as guitars weave a web of similarly toxic impulse. James’ familiar tones are soon adding their provocation and thought with matching grievance too yet all aspects unite in one mercilessly infectious invasion. Even in the moments it steps back to take a thoughtful breath that unrest prevails, adding more energy to the anger fuelled nagging and imagination bred insurgence around them.

A swift addiction, Faze Out is maybe the most unique outing with James Domestic yet and certainly another compelling encounter for ears and imagination making the upcoming Carrion Repeating impatiently awaited here.

Faze Out is out now via Kibou Records (UK) / TNS Records (UK) / Amok Records (Germany), available @ https://kibourecords.bandcamp.com/track/faze-out

https://jamesdomestic.com/   https://www.facebook.com/jamesdomesticscott   https://twitter.com/DomesticJames

Pete RingMaster 21/10/2021

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