Eyemouth – Eclipse

The more we embrace the songwriting and music of Swedish outfit Eyemouth the less sure we are in describing with accuracy it’s fascinating breath and presence. Uniqueness and imagination go hand in hand within the most striking propositions and fair to say since we come across the band around 2015, both have sparked our continuing captivation with their evolving and increasingly adventurous individuality. The Eclipse EP is the latest encounter with the Gothenburg hailing band and the defining of their music is no easier but captivation and fascination for it has only further escalated.

Formed as a continuation of the band Estrange in 2014, Eyemouth consists of the duo Marcus Lilja and Joakim Åberg. A host of EP’s have drawn keen praise and acclaim and equally greater craft and imagination from within the pair, 2017 debut album A Newly Planted Grain a similarly striking encounter amongst those shorter encounters. The last pair of EPs in the shape of Spiral and Cut especially breached new plateaus of invention and landscapes of sound, realms that Eclipse now evolves again its own creative quest.

As its predecessors, Eclipse is woven in a fusion of electronic and progressive atmospherically fuelled rock yet that barely presents the true tapestry of flavours and essences making up the Eyemouth sound, previously and within their new six track incitement. From instrumentation to texturing and styles, the release courts the imagination and challenges any wish to tag the emprise of enterprise.

EP opener, From the unreal to the real, looms from the shadows, electronic mystery quickly immersing the senses in a compelling drone as cathedral bells toll. It is a magnetic yet foreboding courting of the senses, a darkly cast tempting which evolves into the majestic Rapture. Featuring the pipe organ of Lars Storm, the immediately track hugs ears and imagination before growing in celebratory breath in voice and sound. Its folkish breeze adds to the growing captivation as too the shadows which seem to lurk even in the ever brightening climate of the track.

Like an awakening in emotion and spirit, the song enthralled with the charm and temptation its title suggests before Bone dry grass cast its rhythmically shamanic hued, atmospherically woven compulsion on the imagination. Swiftly irresistible and soon after wholly addictive, the track prowls at times almost stalks the listener, every move and twist drenched in edgy catchiness and psych rock intimation as it gripped instinctive ardour for its dark glory.

Just as tenebrific but with a stormy heart and climate Lungs burning follows though it too sees shafts of melodic light and grace break its tempestuous ambience even if both with their own suggestive penumbra. Thickly melancholic in electronic breath and caliginous in emotive contemplation, the ballad held ears and thoughts engrossed before A silent backwash cast a crystalline radiance across overcast skies to enthral with even greater passion. Theatrical yet solemn, carnival like charming if with unilluminated attractions and wistfully but richly infectious, the irresistible song was like a siren into the tempest at the heart of the record but a centre that rewards in spirit as much as it immerses light in provocative shadows.

Rising from the last lures of its predecessor, Desire for meaning completes the EP; a track which immediately resonates on the senses and imagination with its own compelling drone like hold but a claustrophobic absorbing of both courted by ever riveting vocals, their emotive revelations, and the unpredictable imagination of Lilja and Åberg’s creative weaving and bold composing. Again fascination and pleasure best describes it and every song within Eclipse, a submerging of light and growth of darkness within the heart of the encounter but providing enlightening stimulation and uplifting arousal.

It is a transfixing, sensational end to a similarly inspiring and thrilling release. Eclipse is another especial moment with Eyemouth and we have really only given you a glimpse of its magnificence; your own exploration of our unbridled recommendation needed to truly understand its full splendour.

The Eclipse EP is out now; available @ https://eyemouth.bandcamp.com/album/eclipse

www.twitter.com/eyemouthmusic   www.instagram.com/eyemouthmusic   www.youtube.com/channel/eyemouthmusic

Pete RingMaster 07/10/2021

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