The DeRellas – Something’s Got To Give

If you thought maybe it was safe to walk the streets again with the easing of lockdowns, then think again because UK rockers, The DeRellas, are on the prowl with the antagonistic roar, Something’s Got To Give.

Apart from a couple of rousing singles it has been a while since the acclaimed release of mini album, Freak Show, and years which on the evidence of their new offering has seen the band find a new thrust of craft and adventure as their line-up and sound has evolved. Recorded and produced in lockdown and funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the band once more linking up with producer and ex-Vibrator Pat Collier, Something’s Got To Give is a voracious slab of the London band’s individual punk ‘n’ roll/glam punk/garage rock bred sound but one wholly familiar to them and uncaged with fresh spirit and bolder intent cementing The DeRellas as middle finger raising street punks with a penchant for contagion loaded rebellion; the kind of upstarts we all need right now to bring the wild individual inside us all back to the fore. 

With the core thrust of bassist/vocalist Timmy DeRella and guitarist Luca DeRella again the heart and fire of the band, the pair joined by drummer Steve Grainger from punk legends Chelsea and guitarist Marky T, formerly of Sex Pistols Experience, The DeRellas immediately stir up air and attention with album opener Don’t Tell Me What I Did Last Night. With a fiery hook amongst the blaze of riffs gripping ears, the song soon bears its irritability, prowling the listener with menace in its breath and descending on the senses in its confrontational chorus.

It is a great start to the album lit by rousing rhythms and melodic flaming and quickly matched by the carefree romance of Underground LUV. As its predecessor, it is a raw and feral proposition with its own wild infectiousness led by the equally untamed and inspiriting tones of Timmy, a track and indeed sound across the album which embraces the breath and mutinous roar of bands like The Heartbreakers, Dead Boys and UK Subs and perverts it with their own creative disobedience and noisy havoc.

The following Emergency 2020 is just as forceful in its persuasion and prowess, its blues rock flaming and scuzz lined punk ‘n’ roll mix an anthemic call for the past eighteen months brought with a fine Rolling Stones meets 999 incitement while the outstanding Inner City Rock ‘n’ Roll with its choppy riffs and flying rhythms aligns ’77 uproar and the bruising hard rock of the now to forge a major moment in the album’s lofty landscape. New York Dolls in collusion with The Senton Bombs could be said to be akin to the track’s addictive dystopian holler but, as you should expect, it simply attacks as another unique DeRella moment.

Life’s Crashing soon proved just as attention seizing, its riffs Pistol-esque and swing again old school punk nurtured and all constantly harassed by a rhythmic trespass before Pressure Gonna Get Ya made its demand on favourite track choice. Stalking the listener whilst again rhythms use the senses as a punch bag if without the animosity of other encounters, the track is eager drama and intrigue, Luca’s guitar weaving a melodic web of compelling tempting as Timmy’s vocals stomp like a side show barker.

As Sonic Detonator rapaciously invades and Soho Hotel salaciously struts its glam seeded stuff The DeRellas only escalate the fun and manipulation on ears of their album, though Our World Tomorrow still managed to eclipse both with its clamorous enterprise and imagination fuelled twists. Another major favourite, the song fuses punk and garage born hard rock in its defiant call to an apocalyptic heading world and revels in the even bolder traits lying within the band’s songwriting and invention.

They are aspects which similarly give a fresh depth and different conspiracy of temptation to Sweet Fatal Attraction, a sing-a-long melodic seduction with a whiff of venom in its throat and ire in its touch to keep the grip of the release as tight as the sounds within, slavery that Highrise Supersize effortlessly exploits with its raucous uproar and anthemic fist pumping. It is a glorious end to a slab of irresistible sonic rioting, galvanic hooks slung like barbs and wiry melodies delivered with a liquor of inescapable temptation.

Something’s Got To Give is flesh bruising, senses badgering rock ‘n’ roll at its best and The DeRellas in a new and fine vein of creative disorder.

 Something’s Got To Give is out now via Rockaway Records, available digitally and on CD with a vinyl version to come; available @

Pete RingMaster 17/09/2021   

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